Nov. 19 || V I S I O N S at East End Bar

Nov. 19 at 9pm V I S I O N S: Push // Pull  Linda Austin Reid Urban MOUTH (House of Aquarius)  East End, 303 SE Grand, Ave, curated by Nadia Buyse. Linda is performing with Mike Barber, Jamuna Chiarini, Nicholas Daulton, Richard Decker, Keyon Gaskin, Luke Gutgsell, Fawn Williams Nance, Lizz Omatic, Danielle Ross,  Dawn Stopiello, & Taka Yamamoto.  WE GO ON AT 10pm V I S I O N S is moving locations and has now made its new home atRead more

Three Trick Pony: press and photo links

Our three premiere performances of Three Trick Pony at TBA:13 are behind us. THANK YOU collaborators David Eckard, Doug Theriault and musicians,  Jeff Forbes & Rachelle Waldie; plus all the staff and crew at PICA, the Calligram Fund for New Work, the Rauschenberg Foundation SEED Grant, all individual donors to PWNW|LAD and friends who gave advice and feedback. Here is just a quick post to gather up links to press and photos. Video soon! REVIEWS–from positive to mixed:      Barry Johnson | Oregon Arts Watch: Misinterpretation andRead more

Three Trick Pony at TBA:13

Tickets and passes are on sale now for TBA:13, the annual festival of provocative contemporary performance put on by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. This year the festival runs Sept. 12-22 and and includes Linda Austin’s newest project, a collaboration with sculptor David Eckard and composer Doug Theriault. This work, Three Trick Pony, premieres at TBA with performances Sept. 15, 16 and 18. See you there!Read more

Change is the new normal

July 1, the penultimate day of Todd Ayoung‘s residency at PWNW, was the day for WE: Only the PARTY Can Save the PEOPLE. So we created a [political] party. We gathered under the famous PWNW Doug fir to grill some food, eat it, drink beer, chat. We then went from the bright hot summer evening into the cool environs of the PWNW studio to find out more about Todd’s art practice via his excellent Prezi site Making Aart at LargeRead more

7 Objects/69

October 11, 2012 at 6pm at the Portland Art Museum I will dance and talk about the artwork 7 Objects/69, which includes pieces by Eva Hesse, Bruce Nauman, Richard Serra, David Bradshaw, Keith Sonnier, Stephen Kaltenbach and Alan Saret whose piece you can see here along with a reflection of my shoes.Read more