2017 Events: Summer/Fall

All events at PWNW || 4625 SE 67th Ave.|| Portland, OR 97206
unless otherwise specified
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June 8-18 || David Harrower’s Good with People
Our Shoes Are Red / The Performance Lab
PWNW Public Access

Two strangers attempt to overcome a divisive event from their past. All that stands in their way are their upbringings, their outlooks, their long-harbored conclusions and their conflicting versions of what exactly happened. Directed by and featuring Devon Allen and Matt DiBiasio.
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July 14-15 || Random Skoot **
Linda Austin, Gregg Bielemeier, Bob Eisen,
and Sara Naegelin + Leah Wilmoth
PWNW Alembic Co-Production

Taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by a visit to Portland by the peripatetic and amazing Bob Eisen, PWNW puts together a mid-summer dance outing comprising three solos by veterans Eisen, Gregg Bielemeier, and PWNW director Linda Austin, plus a group piece by Leah Wilmoth and Sada Naegelin. Click HERE for more info.


August 3-5 || Guinevere of States
Written and directed by Jake Gonnella
PWNW Public Access

“Guenevere of States” is a NU-DADA pseudo-Shakespeare play about a fictional queen and her struggles in the shadow of her predecessor. Tickets are “pay what you will”, pay one dollar or more at the door and get to see some new and exciting theatre!
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August 18-20 || The Colorful Collective ||The Last Five Years
A Musical by Jason Robert Brown
PWNW Public Access

The inaugural production of Colorful Collective! This unorthodox and touching modern musical chronicles the five-year-long relationship between Jamie and Cathy. Jamie moves forward in time while Cathy tells her story in reverse.
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Sept. 6 Wed. || Paratheatre: What Is It?
Antero Alli and ParaTheatrical ReSearch
PWNW Public Access

Paratheatre combines methods of physical theatre, dance, vocalization and meditation to access and express the internal landscape of the Body’s innate sources of impulse, emotion, power, and grace. In this public presentation, director Antero Alli discusses the basic methods of his Paratheatre medium while several members of ParaTheatrical ReSearch demonstrate them.
Admission: $5-10
7:30pm (doors open at 7:15)
More information HERE.


Sept. 8-10, 14-16 @7:30pm || Sowelu Theater
The Crackwalker by Judith Thompson
PWNW Public Access

Directed by Barry Hunt and featuring company member Lorraine Bahr plus guest artists Ryan Downey, Liviya Burns, Anthony Green, Ken Baug and Joshua Brown.

Judith Thompson has captured the corrosive imagery and exploding rhythms of life in the lower depths, where spiked heels are dangerous weapons and salvation is driving a cab. Thompson so clearly demonstrates an ability to expose the deepest roots of the theatrical experience… its language and humanity make the play a minor masterpiece. —Maclean’s

Additional performances at
Sunnyside Community House
3520 SE Yamhill St, Portland. OR 97214
September 22, 23, 24 and 28, 29, 30 at 7:30PM.


Sept. 22-23 || Carlyn Hudson || Solos and Not Solos But Mostly Solos
PWNW Public Access

Carlyn Hudson, co-founder/choreographer/dancer with SubRosa Dance Collective is thrilled to present her first full length show as a solo artist. A bare-boned dance concert, Solos and Not-Solos focuses on bringing its audience thoughtful choreography, and infuses modern dance with moments of lightheartedness and humor. Ticket info HERE.


Sept. 29-30 || Episode III**
jin camou, Julia Calabrese, Mary Sutton, Leah Brown
PWNW Alembic Co-Production

As the third part of a trilogy involving a pair of body-snatched characters, “Episode III” is a short film with a live score and performance featuring an alien duo arriving on their home planet. Traces of interplanetary travel are revealed through their re-inhabited alien bodies, now synthesized on their planet of origin. This film is their love letter beamed back to Earth.


October 12-27 || Spring 4th Productions || Bubco
Thursdays & Fridays
PWNW Public Access

Details TBA SOON

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November 9-12 || When We ||Allie Hankins & Rachael Dichter**
a PWNW Alembic Co-Production

Set in an austere world characterized by coded language, penetrating focus, and biting humor, When We is a dance/performance duet by Allie Hankins (PDX) and Rachael Dichter (SF). With a steadfast presence, Allie & Rachael skillfully utilize the expansive and charged moments between events to slowly reveal a world where tension is currency, mischief is sustenance, and surreality is a given. Seeking to undermine their (and our) status as subject or object, the women implore the audience to watch their world unfold slowly. They concretize images (shapes, desires, projections). Are you listening? Are they reading? Can you hear them? Do you like them? Do you like us? How far offshore are we now?


November 14 || OUT OF THE WOODS  || A Film by Antero Alli
PWNW Public Access

Tues. Nov 14th at 7:30pm.  Admission: $10.  
This is a Benefit to offset production costs of “Soror Mystica”, an experimental theatre work directed by Antero Alli.  
World premiere December 1-3, 2017 at Performance Works NW.  Filmmaker in person.
OUT OF THE WOODS (2015; 91 min. USA) A young man walks away from a near-death experience with amnesia and a disconcerting new talent that draws him into the strange new world of professional mentalism.  OUT OF THE WOODS is a magical realist drama of one man’s journey through haunted dreams and childhood memories to find his one true love.


December  1-3  || ParaTheatrical Research || Soror Mystica
PWNW Public Access


December 13-17 || Linda Austin Dance || a world, a world**
PART 3 of (Un)Made
PWNW || Linda Austin Dance Production

A world saturated and contaminated by randomized shards of culture—revealed in movement, image, and language—gives way to a world seemingly more spacious, peaceful, and empty. Both worlds are staged, both are fictional, both are real. Whether we feel more at home in one than in the other, in both worlds we remain implicated. Set design by Sarah Marguier and Linda Austin; costume design by Sarah Marguier; sound design by Seth Nehil; lighting design by Jeff Forbes. 5 performers each night from a larger group comprising Austin, claire barrera, jin camou, Nancy Ellis, keyon gaskin, Jen Hackworth, Allie Hankins, and Takahiro Yamamoto.