2017 Events: Summer & Fall

All events at PWNW || 4625 SE 67th Ave.|| Portland, OR 97206
unless otherwise specified
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June 8-18
David Harrower’s Good with People
Our Shoes Are Red / The Performance Lab


Two strangers attempt to overcome a divisive event from their past. All that stands in their way are their upbringings, their outlooks, their long-harbored conclusions and their conflicting versions of what exactly happened. Directed by and featuring Devon Allen and Matt DiBiasio.

Thursday-Sunday, June 8-18 * Thursday-Saturday June 22-24
Performances at 8pm

15$ General Admission, $10 Students and Seniors
More info HERE

July 14-15 || Random Skoot **
dance by
Linda Austin, Gregg Bielemeier, Bob Eisen,
and Sara Naegelin + Leah Wilmoth



Taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by a visit to Portland by the peripatetic and amazing Bob Eisen, PWNW puts together a mid-summer dance outing comprising three solos by veterans Eisen, Gregg Bielemeier, and PWNW director Linda Austin, plus a group piece by Leah Wilmoth and Sada Naegelin. Click HERE for more info.

Wed. September 6 || Paratheatre: What Is It?
Antero Alli and ParaTheatrical ReSearch


Paratheatre combines methods of physical theatre, dance, vocalization and meditation to access and express the internal landscape of the Body’s innate sources of impulse, emotion, power, and grace. In this public presentation, director Antero Alli discusses the basic methods of his Paratheatre medium while several members of ParaTheatrical ReSearch demonstrate them. 

Admission: $5-10

7:30pm (doors open at 7:15)
More information HERE.

September 29-30 || Jin Camou || Episode III **


October 12-27 || Spring 4th Productions|| Bubco
Thursdays & Fridays


November 9-12 || Allie Hankins & Rachael Dichter**

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.30.01 AM

December  1-3  || ParaTheatrical Research || Soror Mystica

December 14-17 || Linda Austin Dance || a world, a world**