June 3 ║ Leralee Whittle Open Workshop

After performances of  J (( )) Y  on Friday and Saturday, come into the studio with Leralee Whittle on Sunday 12-3pm at PWNW

$15-30 sliding scale


Trans-Embodiment, the Body as Space Maker and the Hugeness of Instant Composition

In this 3 hour workshop we’ll touch into somatic and tactile investigations for cultivating pleasure, apply images and tools to dancing with a space-oriented body and explore the magnitude of instant composition by practicing dance as a relational medium.

We’ll explore:

How the body expresses from systems connected to forces and flows, leading to potentials for embodied pleasure and easy coordination.

Engaging the body as a space maker to shift attention between body as form to body as space (helpful in bigger dance actions and presence work).

Accessing the body’s relationship to meaning and facility from multiple-sources by inviting expression with various verbal cues that open the dance to new textures and entries in genre-bending dance.

Composition that comes out of our work in grounding and opening ourselves for relational dance, as we articulate how dance happens as a relational system beyond any one physical body. (Boundaries blur in the collaboration between body and its networked parts, space, other- in transmutations as dance is composed by collective forces.)

The workshop will include the brilliance of Paul Sprawl’s live sound. 

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