NOV 3 ║ civilized HAPPY HOUR

civilized HAPPY HOUR
performance installation
November 3, 2018
Saturday at 4pm-10pm
Guests are invited to attend anytime during HAPPY HOUR.

$10 Admission
$20 Admission + Beverage (mock/cocktail made with artisan ice)
Advance tickets:
An Alembic Co-Production

Detoxifying libations will be available from the “bartender,” served with artisan ice, hand-cut during the performance by “the monitors.” Guests then have the opportunity to experience the visual and sonic installation on the rocks; as the ice melts, the monitors manage the consequences.

– an exploration of freezing and thawing and capitalism –

This is the third chapter of Egan’s exploration of ice as a lens. By creating a world gleaming with frozen jewels and speaking in drips, the audience (we humans) come face to face with the beauty that is ice, and the temporal nature of its existence.

civilized considers ice a “vital sign” of human existence, examining the melt as a physical and sonic dynamic, a disappearance. This metaphorical ice becomes a lens for social distortion. The diffraction (or bending) of light allows us to filter the world and avoid the presence of absence.

Performers Celine Bouly & Catherine Egan
and a special appearance by Kyle Delamarter of Imago Theatre
Composer Doug Theriault

This is event is part of the Performance Works NorthWest Alembic Co-Production Series

photos by Chelsea Petrakis



Catherine Egan, is an interdisciplinary artist and choreographer. Contemporary dance, physical theater and European clown inform her work. She integrates sculptures and objects into performance, and creates sound scores employing silence, field recordings, sound effects and the human voice.

Catherine is currently collecting colorful leather handbags, using them as masks, costumes and inspiration for research into the source of the verb “handbag,” Margaret Thatcher.

Celine Bouly, founder of Les Mains Vides dance company, is an award winning choreographer with extensive teaching experience in diverse french institutions. She has completed advanced programs at Marne-La-Vallée University and Paris 8 University.

Residing in Portland since 2009, she has performed with Randee Paufve, Esther LaPointe, and Susan Banyas. In 2013, Celine staged her ensemble work ‘I am not going to jail !’ at Conduit. Most recently, she appeared in ‘Et voici, Et voilà’ and ‘Civilized’ choreographed by Catherine Egan (2016 and 2018). Currently Céline is working with choreographer Sarah-Luella Baker, a recipient of New Expressive Works’s residency program.

Doug Theriault, (b.1967) is an unclassifiable multi instrumentalist, composer and instrument builder who lives in Portland, Oregon. His music has covered Classical, Contemporary Classical, Free Improvisation, Jazz, Progressive, Pop and Punk Rock, Noise, Minimalism, Electronic Music, Indian Classical Music, Music Concrete, Sound Installations, Dance and Film commissions and Folk genres. He is mostly known for his guitar improvisations with custom made electronics.

Kyle Delamarter has travelled across the world with Imago to Canada, China, and Jordan, to perform in FROGZ, Biglittlethings, and ZooZoo. Other shows he has played in at Imago are Backs Like That, Splat,The Beaux Arts Club, The Reunion, and most recently, Fallout.

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