NOV 30-DEC 2 ║ Escape from Chapel Perilous

Nov 30-Dec 2 ║ ParaTheatrical ReSearch ║ Escape from Chapel Perilous

PWNW Public Access
Pay-what-you-can preview:
Thurs. Nov 29, 8pm sharp. Doors: 7:45pm.
Fri/Sat/Sun Nov. 30, Dec. 1 & 2.
8pm sharp. Doors: 7:45pm.
$10 at the door.

ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX presents
ESCAPE FROM CHAPEL PERILOUS, an intermedia performance ritual written & directed by Antero Alli with poetry by Sylvia Plath. More information HERE.

SYLVI ALLI, MEMORIE EDEN, LINDSAY REICH, PATTON SMALL, MAPLE HOLMES, JOGEN SALZBERG, HELIA RASTI, ED WELSH. With BRYAN SMITH as “Trickster Jesus”. Sylvi Alli, musical direction. Zachery Martin, Tech Assist. Antero Ali, Film sequences & guitar. Dialogue improvised by Jogen Salzberg and Patton Small. Poetry by Sylvia Plath. Directed by Antero Alli.

Chapel Perilous is a metaphor for a dimension beyond the time/space continuum where souls are projected, catapulting out of Body, spinning inside repetitive rituals of worship until they’re called back into embodiment. —Antero Alli, director

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