DEC 9 ║ STREWN, a fundraising party

We’re having a party to celebrate 18 years of experimental dance and performance in SE Portland!  

STREWN, a fundraising party
celebrating 18 years of PWNW
December 9, 2018
Sunday at 7pm, 9pm

$15-30 SHOW ONLY in advance/door
$10 KARAOKE ONLY in advance/door
$25-40 SHOW + KARAOKE in advance/door

Come join us for 7 outstanding multi-disciplined performances inspired by photos from our past, a raffle, refreshments, and a karaoke after-party. Come to the show, come to karaoke, come to both!

Celebrate with us and help us raise money to keep artist space affordable, and sustain our Alembic Artist residency and co-productions. 

Performers include:   Allie Hankins, lu yimsidony o’neal, Emily Jones & Hannah Krafcik, Stephanie Lavon Trotter & Margaret McNeal, Tahni Holt with Luke Wyland & John Niekrasz, and, of course, Linda Austin and perennial favorites, the Boris & Natasha Dancers—in this iteration, Brandon Conway, Caspar Sonnet & Reed Wallsmith! Live drawing by Christine Toth to be auctioned at the end of the performances!

Facebook event page HERE

About the Artists:

Linda Austin is co-founder and director of PWNW, wrangler of Boris & Natasha Dancers since their inception, and choreographer of works such as the upcoming Ordinary Devotions which you can see at PWNW March 2019.

Brandon Conway is a guitarist, composer, and otherwise creative person. His guitar music is focused on exploring idiosyncratic, textural and gestural playing. Brandon is currently serving as the Board President of the Creative Music Guild and works at Portland State University. He lives in Portland with his partner, their two sons, and their two kittens.

Allie Hankins is a dancer, performer and performance maker. Her performance style has been described as “a combination of your cooler older sister, your quirky neighbor, and your neurotic mother.”

Tahni Holt loves Performance Works NW and the people who initiated it: Linda Austin and Jeff Forbes. Portland would be a different place without them in it, one not worth imagining.

Emily Jones and Hannah Krafcik are practice-oriented dancers who have been developing movement practice and pedagogy together for over two years.

Margaret McNeal is a multi-disciplinary creative whose work inhabits the realms of archetypes and memoir. She enjoys visual art-making, writing, and vocal music projects that explore the connection between mind and body and the experience of being female.

John Niekrasz is an American artist working at the nexus of sound, language, and performance. John is a lifelong student of percussion and received his MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. His work struggles with such spectra as poverty and ornament, rigor and effortlessness,  justice and militancy.

sidony o’neal is an artist and writer from South Sacramento, CA.

Caspar Sonnet is a composer/performer/multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He has been composing and performing experimental/improvisational music since 1996.

A writer and a visual artist, Christine Toth works in a variety of media, including oil and encaustic paints, digital photography, and installation. She was one of the resident artists with APANO’s 2016 Jade-Midway Placemaking Projects funded through the Kresge Foundation. That same year she launched Indivisible, her home gallery in the Division Street neighborhood which features monthly art exhibits (May through October), and readings and salons year-round. Toth received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College in Vermont.

Stephanie Lavon Trotter is an electro-acoustic vocalist, composer and improviser. She uses her voice and Sound as a foundation for creating performative installations.

Reed Wallsmith plays alto saxophone and composes music for Blue Cranes, which has released four albums and several EPs, most recently with the Washington, DC-based Cuneiform Records.  He is a member of Battle Hymns & Gardens and Get Smashing Love Power, and has collaborated with AU, Golden Retriever, Luke Wyland, Laura Gibson, Ethan Rose, Holland Andrews, Edna Vazquez, Catherine Feeny, Wayne Horvitz, Peter Broderick, PJCE, Eyvind Kang, and Timothy Young.

Luke Wyland is an American interdisciplinary artist, composer, performer, and arts organizer. He is deeply invested in the art of improvisation and collaboration.

lu yim is a performer and friend of Performance Works Northwest. The first performance lu ever saw in Portland was Linda Austin’s Circus me around which still to this day impacts lu’s ideas about art and life. Upcoming: This year coming Lu will be working with Joanna Furnans and is organizing shows with PE, Pidzn Club and more.

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