August 24 ║ SCORE

PWNW Public Access

Saturday August 24, 2019
Doors 7pm, Performance 7:30pm
Sliding scale $5-15 at door

Help bring this project to life!

Scores are mostly seen as intermediary objects between a creator and a performer, utilizing some shared language. A set of instructions, encoded in symbols, with an understanding of the methodology of interpretation. SCORE is a collaboration between creator and performer without that understanding.

A large-scale fabric installation will be interpreted as a score by other artists, resulting in one possible realization out of countless possibilities. SCORE considers issues of the roles people play in art-making, how we look at collaboration across disciplines, and the intricacies and limitations of scores.

The event will feature live sound and movement in and around the fabric score itself. Featured artists include Justin Bulava, Matt Cichon, Katherine Evans and Val Galstad.

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