Nov 9-10 ║ GRIND GROUP ║ 2.5 Billion Light Years On The Other End

2.5 Billion Light Years On The Other End
Alembic Co-Production
Saturday & Sunday, November 9 & 10 at 8pm

Doors 30 minutes before showtime
Tickets: $10
Advance Tickets:

2.5 Billion Light Years On The Other End is an arrangement of certain scenes. Particular themes return and depart again and again: the mythical, historical, personal; the relation of phenomena and function to life, a dog’s bark, a tree, rock and roll, or the distance of the Milky Way to the next nearest galaxy.

NOTE: This performance includes flashing light visuals and loud volume. Please be aware that if you are sensitive to either, there will be sustained durations throughout the performance.

(p→p)-work we are sharing
courtesy of GRIND GROUP

Grind Group (Alembic Residency artist, 2017) is a multi-media art ensemble based in Portland, OR known for unique and hypnotic live performances which blur techniques of theater, animation, puppetry, music and video.

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