PWNW’s Happy Hour Zoom Series

Summer 2000

Allie Hankins
Linda Austin
PWNW Happy Hour June 3, 2020
Allie and Linda have been collaborating on a performance titled /ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/. Since a planned June 2020 premiere was no longer possible, they crafted a couple of short bits specifically for online viewing.

Emily Jones
PWNW Happy Hour June 17, 2020
Time Map
The elastic nature of time via entanglements of multiple beings.

Hannah Krafcik
PWNW Happy Hour June 17, 2020
Apocalypse cult feels and childhood experiences of infinity.
Note: video password = heaven

Marissa Niederhauser
PWNW Happy Hour July 1, 2020
The Unkindness of Ravens, performed in real time during our Zoom Happy Hour, is a dance and text piece looking at class differences as expressed in pandemic times.
Heal is a 5 min. companion piece produced in Berlin in October 2016.


Tahni Holt
Muffie Delgado Connelly
PWNW Happy Hour July 15, 2020
Tahni & Muffie share their current practice/process.

PWNW Happy Hour August 5, 2020
mélanges hérésie LXX
a BLKwvv communique of transfigured [recently discovered]

claire barrera
PWNW Happy Hour August 19, 2020
Youth and adults explore play and games as a space for discipline, imagination, liberation and kinship.

Lu Yim
PWNW Happy Hour Sept. 2, 2020
If the Present Form Reveals the Missing was sparked by an impromptu dance by Lu’s father, in a dispute with his sister about the ungodliness of homosexuality. Lu started to archive this dance by conjuring it in their own body, discovering its connections to other bodies, geographies and timescapes.
Password = happyhour