JULY 16 + 17 ║ ALEMBIC ARTIST SERIES ║ maximiliano || SOLD OUT

Alembic Artists Program

Performance Works NW’s Alembic Resident Artist Cohort #8 is maximiliano, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Hannah Krafcik + Emily Jones and Maura Campbell-Balkits. Since their residency began in June 2020, our Alembic Artists have shown up for their practice throughout the pandemic and are ready to share in-person performances with a masked, limited audience this summer.

Androids in the Tower
Friday & Saturday July 16 & 17 at 8pm

Catch the livestream both nights at

Best to view on laptop or desktop or TV or…?
There will be periods of darkness. Patience and settling in for the ride are good.
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Onyx Andra & maximiliano,
AITT 2020 tech: Alejandra Arias Sevilla,
AITT 2020 video recording: ruben garcia marrufo,
Dramaturg: keyon gaskin,
Death and Their Bedfellows by Melanie Stevens (a AITT critical review)

PATER_CIDA performance (™)
a multimedia mythos

Moons Break Orbits
Engineered, Yet
Illegitimate Displays
Terraforming Legacy
Assumption Denied
Heat Death
Of The Universe
We’ll All
Be ———

“A stunning hybrid of choreography, dramatic tension, and critical theory, Androids In the Tower begins as many things do: in a dark space of unsettling quiet. Save a sliver of light originating from the ceiling, one is forced to adjust to this redacted reality, where the edges of visual understanding are obscured and made unavailable. Only upon acquiescence to this new absence can one reconcile the amorphous figure encased within a slightly translucent plastic cylinder in the center. What follows is a slow-burning dance of languid, muffled, and purposeful movement. The figure increasingly begins to take shape; to define itself as an entity struggling within its synthetic skin. Its movements come in rolling waves, growing louder and more pronounced, with a stifled but ever-growing urgency.

“You are born into loss, cradled by its sharpness from inception. It cuts you down, plucks you from the safety of humanness to mold you into something else, something more useful and less confusing for them. Something they can look at without seeing their own terrors. You know who you are, what you are but…no matter. This knowing only hurts you more. Better to pretend and fit yourself into their skin. Blend. Look. Take short breaths. Don’t move too much.”

Excerpt Of
ANDROIDS IN THE TOWER Offers a Compelling Alternative to Hope in the Absence of Survival“

About the performers:

Onyx makes work about themself, meaning their body and flesh and how they relate to it. They make wearable pieces to modify or distort the/their body, and document performances in these pieces with video and photography. The movements and intentions in the documentation have sacral/divine connotations, the most obvious being the persistent presence of pink.

mononymously named, maximiliano is a conceptual artist working in BLKwvv, a generative multimedia mythos: A reclamation rococo aesthetic and agenda based in exploring and expanding the multiplicity and fluidity of the Black self through pleasure, desirability, innocence, and imagination as performance, video, GIF, sculpture, thought, and publications.