Alembic Artists Program

Performance Works NW’s Alembic Resident Artist Cohort #8 is maximiliano, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Hannah Krafcik + Emily Jones and Maura Campbell-Balkits. Since their residency began in June 2020, our Alembic Artists have shown up for their practice throughout the pandemic and are ready to share in-person performances with a masked, limited audience this summer.

Mo’s Playtime by Maura Campbell-Balkits
Friday & Saturday July 9 & 10 at 8pm
NEW DATES ARE August 13 & 14 at 8pm
Click HERE to reserve

15 min. showing followed by a 15 min. discussion with ASL interpreter
Both nights will be livestreamed.
Versions with audio description and captioned are available now.

Tickets Free or By Donation.
Reserved tickets only, no ticket sales at door.
To RSVP click HERE.
Access to livestream: HERE


Mo’s Playtime

performed and written by Maura Campbell-Balkits

Foley sounds performed by Neal Campbell-Balkits / Sound and music by Kasey Shun / Video version edited by Maura Campbell-Balkits / Audio description and captioning by Cheryl Green / 

An absurdist slapstick work-in-progress featuring Mo, a silent clown character, tasked with creating a performance for other humans to laugh at. Set in motion by sound, lights, props, and comedic expectation, Mo finds herself in a performative cycle of achievement and failure, tension and release, fast and slow, connection and disconnection, and so on and so forth.

Maura Campbell-Balkits is a white lady performance artist that blends her background in art, theatre, film and comedy to create one big, weird artist practice. Her work aims to deconstruct and disrupt mediated performance styles of white women. Exaggerating some tropes while eliminating others, she builds performances that are both entertaining and slightly terrifying.

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