2017 Alembic Artists

One of our favorite moments each year is the announcement of the latest cohort of PWNW’s Alembic Resident Artists, along with thanks to the panel and all the applicants. So here goes: Our 2017 Alembic Artists are Susanne Chi, Catherine Egan, and Matthew Fielder/Grind Group. Our deep thanks for a thoughtful and thorough panel process goes out to Subashini Ganesan, Maggie Heath, Danielle Ross and Stephanie Lavon Trotter. And of course we honor all the artists who stepped up andRead more

March 24-25 || claire barrera + Noelle Stiles

PWNW presents “This one is” by Noelle Stiles and “Fifth Sun” by claire barrera, works created during their 2016 Alembic Artist Residency at Performance Works.

“This one is”—a work in progress by Noelle Stiles that expresses concepts explored in residency such as family intimacy, generational cycles of misogyny, and perseverance.

In Fifth Sun, claire barrera, with collaborator/performers, Muffie Connelly and Anna Vo, finds all times present at all times.Read more

RFP 2017 Alembic Resident Artist Program

2017 Alembic Resident Artist Program. Deadline: Feb. 11, 2017. Residency Period: April 1, 2016-Feb 28, 2017. PWNW || LAD invites artists working in original and contemporary time-based performance, whose work engages a strong movement, body or dance-based component, to apply for year 5 of our Alembic Resident Artist Program. Read more

Dec. 15-17 || Complicated Women || Katie Scherman

Complicated Women, featuring dancers Jess Zoller, Faith Morrison, and Katie, explores the collective experience of being a woman; through wonder, depth, and complexity.

Over the past two years, Katie has found herself constantly coming back to femininity in the studio; questioning and investigating how to translate the never ending self-dialogue. The work examines narcissism, vulnerability, obsession, grace, self sabotage, and power. Katie finds the conversation to be relevant and vital to her practice as an art maker and as a woman.Read more

Aug. 25-Sept. 11 || Alembic Visiting Artist Margit Galanter

For her Alembic Residency, Margit will be expanding and explicating her work with her current project Cave Forms and will offer a chance for us experience this practice:
Darkness, no creativity, togetherness, star-gazing, reciprocity, perceptual vibrancy, gathering, seeing and being scene, transducing, hermeticism, constellating, fecundity, channeling.Read more