Aug. 25-Sept. 11 || Alembic Visiting Artist Margit Galanter

For her Alembic Residency, Margit will be expanding and explicating her work with her current project Cave Forms and will offer a chance for us experience this practice:
Darkness, no creativity, togetherness, star-gazing, reciprocity, perceptual vibrancy, gathering, seeing and being scene, transducing, hermeticism, constellating, fecundity, channeling.Read more

RFP 2016 Alembic Residency

photos of 2015 Alembic Artists by Chelsea Petrakis Request for Proposals 2016 Alembic Resident Artist Program Deadline: Feb. 12, 2016 Residency Period: April 1, 2016-January 31, 2017 Alembic = apparatus used in alchemy or distilling. The word “alembic” is also used metaphorically for anything that refines or transmutes, as if by distillation (as in “the alembic of creative thought”).  PWNW || LAD invites artists working in original and contemporary time-based performance, whose work engages a strong movement, body or dance-based component, to applyRead more

Nov. 12: Dunaway + Austin || Nov. 13 & 14: “It’s really hard”

November 12, 13, 14, 2015 at PWNW || 4625 SE 67th TWO PROGRAMS THREE NIGHTS OF PERFORMANCE FIVE ARTISTS PWNW brings you a wildly diverse weekend of performance in mid-November: Judy Dunaway + Linda Austin on November 12, and Nancy Ellis, Dora Gaskill & Stephanie Lavon Trotter in it’s really hard:: Alembic Artists Showcase on November 12 & 13. TICKETS for each show are $12 in advance or $15 at the door. Upon purchase of an advance ticket, you get a discountRead more

August 26 || Clare Whistler + Jen Mitas || a hole in time

CLARE WHISTLER + JEN MITAS a hole in time Wednesday August 26 || 7pm FREE * donations for the artists gratefully accepted It might be a discussion, an action, a score, a happening, a dig, a seminar, a research presentation, a walk, a sharing, an interaction, a round table Clare Whistler has had a 30-year career as a dancer, choreographer and director, including 15 years working in opera, education and community projects. “My work breaks down the boundaries between disciplines and artists to find waysRead more