Nov. 14 || Out of the Woods

PWNW PUBLIC ACCESS: A film showing to offset production costs of “Soror Mystica,” an experimental theatre work directed by Antero Alli. Read more


Aug 18-29 || The Last Five Years

PWNW PUBLIC ACCESS: The inaugural production of Colorful Collective! This unorthodox and touching modern musical chronicles the five-year-long relationship between Jamie and Cathy, two twenty-somethings in New York City, from meeting to breakup and from breakup to meeting. Jamie moves forward in time while Cathy tells her story in reverse.Read more

June 8-18 || Good with People

Our Shoes Are Red / The Performance Lab
Presents David Harrower’s
Good With People

Two strangers attempt to overcome a divisive event from their past. All that stands in their way are their upbringings, their outlooks, their long-harbored conclusions and their conflicting versions of what exactly happened. Directed by and featuring Devon Allen and Matt DiBiasio.Read more