Feb. 7-21 || The Clark Doll || Syde-Ide Collaborations

Three black women find themselves confined to a space; the kind that doesn’t allow visitors. It isn’t the first time but hopefully, it will be the last. Natasha wants to escape for good; Judi wants to sleep; and Sophia just doesn’t want to end up left alone. Meanwhile, this trio of “sistas” will do what they can to survive their circumstances and each other. Read more


January 12 & 13 || Sada Naegelin & Leah Wilmoth

PWNW PUBLIC ACCESS: A dance exploring compositions that are funny, sincere, strange, and fleshy. The work represents, respects, and rejects female archetypes. It distorts and experiments with rituals and pop culture. There is deep darkness and bright, shimmering light. Read more

Jan 19-Feb 2 || Real People, Not Actors

Think your job can’t be automated? The Shareholders disagree. Writer/performer/producer team Tobin Gollihar and Ian Sieren return to this year’s Fertile Ground Festival with Real People. Not Actors, a darkly comedic look at a near future where all our jobs have been automated, and all our government services have been contracted to the Corporations. Read more