October 13 ║ Holy Goats! Returns

Holy Goats! Sunday Afternoon Improvisations (2001-2008) is back after a long, long slumber for the first of a quarterly series devoted to improvisation. Dance and music by Portland-area and visiting artists. Plus coffee and bagels sponsored by two of our favorite Foster Road businesses: Carnelian Coffee and Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels!

October 13 at 2pm
$5 – $15 at the door

MUSICIANS: Annie Gilbert, Dan Sasaki, Caspar Sonnet, and Stephanie Lavon Trotter.  

DANCERS: Michele Ainza, Linda Austin, Mike Barber, claire barrera, Tahni Holt, Hannah Krafcik, and crystal jiko sasaki.


Michele Ainza holds an MFA in Dance from CalArts, CLMA from Integrated Movement Studies based out of the University of Utah, 500 RYT certification via Yoga Alliance, and is a Portland-based dance and somatic educator, director, and artist on faculty as an Adjunct Professor of Dance and Guest Artist at Willamette University.

Linda Austin is co-founder and director of PWNW and an award-winning choreographer and performer, currently working on at least three exciting projects which she is happy to tell you about.

Mike Barber is the founder of Ten Tiny Dances, and sometimes he makes big dances too.claire barrera is an artist, educator and organizer based in Portland, Oregon.

claire barrera is an artist, educator and organizer based in Portland, Oregon.

Since being tricked out of playing her selected instrument of “baby tuba” at a young age, Annie Gilbert defiantly toots a spectrum of sounds on trombone and voice.

Tahni Holt does a lot of things dance—she makes dances, performs in dances, directs a space for dance (FLOCK Dance Center) and sometimes imagines her life without dance and then can’t bear it and forgets that she ever tried that thought on like a costume—it just doesn’t fit. 

Hannah Krafcik (they/she) is a Portland-based dancer, writer, and childcare worker.crystal sasaki is a movement artist from california.

crystal sasaki is a movement artist from california.

Dan Sasaki is not Dan Sasaki is Dan Sasaki.

Caspar Sonnet is an experimental improvisational musician and composer who roughhouses lap-steel guitars and harmonicas. 

Stephanie Lavon Trotter is an electro-acoustic vocal-instrument, composer, improviser, and performer.

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