Happy Birthday, Jeff Forbes!

Jeff Forbes—PWNW Co-Founder & Technical Director, Lighting Designer for tons of dance artists & companies around town, and proud papa of Delaney & Delilah—is turning 60 on August 23rd!

All Jeff wants for his birthday (ok, yeah, besides some birthday drinks and toasts) is for you to donate to PWNW. Read more

Aug. 25-Sept. 11 || Alembic Visiting Artist Margit Galanter

For her Alembic Residency, Margit will be expanding and explicating her work with her current project Cave Forms and will offer a chance for us experience this practice:
Darkness, no creativity, togetherness, star-gazing, reciprocity, perceptual vibrancy, gathering, seeing and being scene, transducing, hermeticism, constellating, fecundity, channeling.Read more

June 25 || Moving History: Portland Contemporary Dance Past & Present

PWNW is excited to host this video project by Eric Nordstrom that begins to trace the multiple interconnecting trajectories of Portland dance of the past and present. What is the history of modern dance in Portland? How do today’s dancers stand on the shoulders of decades of Portland dancers and choreographers who established this community? Please join filmmaker, Eric Nordstrom and many of the film subjects for a work in progress showing of the first comprehensive film to address danceRead more

June 18-July 2 || Procedures for Saying No

PWNW Artistic Director Linda Austin is thrilled to be working with Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble in Procedures For Saying No, opening June 18 at Shaking the Tree Theatre. The show is a prequel (of sorts) for PETE’s Journey Play project, an examination of toil in the workplace, and what conditions might make a person choose the roaring chaos of the deep over the relative safety of the shore. Loosely based on Melville’s Bartleby, the Scrivener, the play will ask both PETE and our audienceRead more