Nov. 12-20 || The last bell rings for you

Linda and her collaborators have invited a diverse group of 18 community participants to learn, perform, and find pleasure in a tender and richly patterned tapestry of group behaviors including singing, walking, bell-ringing, and yes, dancing. Informal rituals, texts, songs and interactions with everyday objects generate a web of transitory relationships that are both celebrated and mourned.Read more

Oct. 21 || Pharmakon Wobble

Pharmakon Wobble presents an unconventional evening of sound, image and movement. Arranged from philosophical and spiritual sources, both primitive and modern, from the traditional to the esoteric, Pharmakon Wobble is a work that examines the noumenous relationships between the human condition and its mythical paradox. Read more

Nov. 4-6 || Obstacles & Victory Songs

Performance Works NorthWest presents a double bill by Dora Gaskill and Stephanie Lavon Trotter, who have extended their immersion in performative research initiated through a 2015 Alembic Residency at PWNW. They now bring us Obstacles and Victory Songs, a shared evening offering their individual and collective results: “S-Words” by Dora and “Sight Shadow” by Stephanie.Read more

Happy Birthday, Jeff Forbes!

Jeff Forbes—PWNW Co-Founder & Technical Director, Lighting Designer for tons of dance artists & companies around town, and proud papa of Delaney & Delilah—is turning 60 on August 23rd!

All Jeff wants for his birthday (ok, yeah, besides some birthday drinks and toasts) is for you to donate to PWNW. Read more

Aug. 25-Sept. 11 || Alembic Visiting Artist Margit Galanter

For her Alembic Residency, Margit will be expanding and explicating her work with her current project Cave Forms and will offer a chance for us experience this practice:
Darkness, no creativity, togetherness, star-gazing, reciprocity, perceptual vibrancy, gathering, seeing and being scene, transducing, hermeticism, constellating, fecundity, channeling.Read more