Aug. 3-5 || Guenevere of States

Guenevere of States: A Nu-Dada History August 3-5, 2017 || Thursday-Saturday at 7pm Performance Works NW | PWNW Public Access Tickets: Pay What You Will! Reservations: To reserve, email with your name and number of tickets, pay at the door! “Guenevere of States” is a NU-DADA pseudo-Shakespeare play about a fictional queen and her struggles in the shadow of her predecessor. Written and directed by Jake Gonnella If you have strong feelings about this country, experimental theatre, and the Bard himself, consider comingRead more

June 30-July 1 || Andrea Kleine + Linda Austin @ CMG Improvisation Summit

PWNW Artistic Director Linda Austin joins the multifaceted writer/artist/wayward dancer Andrea Kleine in two works at the upcoming edition of the Creative Music Guild (CMG) Improvisation Summit of Portland (ISP). Friday, June 30, 2017. 7pm Andrea Kleine & Linda Austin w/ Fabian Rucker & Mike Gamble Saturday, July 1, 2017. 8:15pm Andrea Kleine: “Ships” w/ dancers Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles, Catherine Egan, Taylor Eggan, Kaj-anne Pepper, Linda Austin. music by Bobby Previte performed by Fabian Rucker, Grant Pierce, Andres Moreno. all performancesRead more

July 17-19 || Bob Eisen Open Workshop

Visiting artist Bob Eisen, after performing in Rantum Scoot, July 14 & 15, offers interested dancers a chance to join him in his studio process in our air-conditioned studio! Through the use of various improvisational structures and choreographic tools, these three days of open workshops will deal with aspects of performing and creating work. Open to all movers and creators of performance work.Read more

July 14-15 || Rantum Scoot

Taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by a visit to Portland by the peripatetic and amazing Bob Eisen, PWNW puts together a mid-summer dance outing comprising three solos by veterans Eisen, Gregg Bielemeier, and PWNW director Linda Austin, plus a duet by the Leah Wilmoth and Sada Naegelin. Read more

June 8-18 || Good with People

Our Shoes Are Red / The Performance Lab
Presents David Harrower’s
Good With People

Two strangers attempt to overcome a divisive event from their past. All that stands in their way are their upbringings, their outlooks, their long-harbored conclusions and their conflicting versions of what exactly happened. Directed by and featuring Devon Allen and Matt DiBiasio.Read more

June Performances || Linda Austin Dance

Linda Austin Dance is performing in two June Festivals, sharing a work-in-progress excerpt of her current project, “a world, a world.” In this excerpt, five dancers channel and splice moments of heterogeneous movement and text in a performative interrogation of a world saturated with image and language. They dance, hum, mutter, and mumble; deploy sandbags, a moveable stair unit, a microphone and headphones.Read more