Alembic Resident Artists Program

The Alembic Resident Artist Program at PWNW offers three types of residencies:

3 local artists are awarded 80-100 hours of studio time to be used within a 10-month period. Opportunities for sharing work are included, as well as an opportunity to be part of our Alembic Co-Production Series the following year. Click HERE for up-to-date news on current artists and  Request for Proposals.

By invitation only. One-two artists a year are invited to PWNW to live and work for an extended period. Travel expenses and per diem may be provided depending on funding. We also offer a chance to interact with Portland artists/audiences and to share work. Artists live in our vintage Silver Streak trailer onsite. Past artists include Blake Beckham, Meg Wolfe, Danza La Barbacoa and Clare Whistler.

This opportunity was conceived for out-of-town artists, but is certainly available to locals too. Artists book the studio for 9 hours minimum over 3 days at $8 an hour; or 15 hours minimum a week at $7/hr. and get free housing in our Silver Streak Trailer on site! Artists can also offer a free workshop to our community in exchange for the studio time as ilvs strauss did in 2015. For more info email info at pwnw dash pdx dot org 

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