Performance Works NW
| 4625 SE 67th Ave. | Portland, OR 97206
unless otherwise indicated
Tri Met #14 & #17 [map it!]

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ALEMBIC: guest curated events @ PWNW

June 19 & 20 |8PM|Alembic #2
Curator: choreographer/dancer Anne Furfey

Anne, Linda & Tere talk about the Portland Project with Dmae Roberts
on KBOO’s Stage & Studio.

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Works by choreographers
Gregg Bielemeier
Tere Mathern
(Carolyn Stuart & Patrick Gracewood)

all integrating video by Daniel Addy
inspired by a text from Sarah Hart

Tickets $10-$15 sliding scale
To Reserve: 503-777-1907 (cash/check @ door)
To Purchase Advance Tickets Online:

I am wired for skepticism. I cannot leave the questions alone. They unravel everything. My skepticism is like an old screen door. There is a metal smell and old dust that stings my nose. There is a tiny hole in the screen, which I can’t help but worry larger with my finger.
– Sarah Hart


TouchMonkey Special Alembics

Performers: Carolyn Stuart, Patrick Gracewood
Musicians: Eddy Deane, Alley Teach, David Lyles of
The Contact Lounge Band

Tere Mathern Dance Phase Phrase

Choreography: Tere Mathern
Performers: Hannah Downs, Sally Garrido-Spencer, Tere Mathern, and Vanessa
Musicians: Tim DuRoche

Gregg Bielemeier Tracings (Part Three)

Movement Phrases Inventor: Gregg Bielemeier
Movement Phrases Order: Taylor Alan Young
Performers: Gregg Bielemeier (Improviser) & Taylor Alan Young
Music: Random Choice

A Duet working with the idea of Distilling, Form, Vessel and Shadowing.

Alembic is supported in part by an Employee Volunteer Grant from PGE

Choreographer, performer, co-founder and director of Performance Works NW

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