Two fun things!

PWNW Artistic Director Linda Austin will be taking part in two events in mid October.

A night of found/sorted performances
curated by Mark Owens and Mack McFarland

Wed, Oct 13th
7:00 PM
PNCA Feldman Gallery
1241 NW Johnson St
Portland, OR

Performances by
Linda Austin, James Yeary, Anna & Leo Daedalus, Lisa Radon, Tony Christy, Arnold Kemp, Mark Owens and Weird Fiction

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

On October 15 as part of the Shine a Light evening at the Portland Art Museum, Linda Austin and Richard Decker will be performing Chance Dance, short dances, at their whim throughout the museum.
Shine a Light is a collaborative art project imagined and curated by the Portland Art Museum’s education department and faculty and graduate students in the MFA Arts and Social Practice concentration at Portland State University.

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