7/1/13 || Todd Ayoung || WE: Only the Party Will Save the People


Visiting artist Todd Ayoung will be in residence at PWNW June 22-July 3 to re-create his role in Linda Austin’s 1983 work  An Atrocity Exhibition in Two Parts.

As part of his residency, Todd, along with Linda Austin, Melanie Lockert and Robert Tyree, will host WE: only the PARTY will save the PEOPLE, a potluck/discussion/ sticker-making costume party at PWNW.

COSTUME THEME: What does social change look like? 

JULY 1, 6:30 pm at Performance Works NW
Barbecue-Potluck| Talk | Drink | Design Stickers
Please RSVP: PerformanceWorksNW at gmail dot com

Food and drink 6:30-8:30 Followed by a brief presentation by Todd followed by Sticker & Sign Making and More!

*complimentary sparklers and beer!*

We will choose a sticker design from among all the designs and get them printed for all to distribute.

One Reply to “7/1/13 || Todd Ayoung || WE: Only the Party Will Save the People”

  1. Sounds great! Wish I could be there . Maybe post Insteuctions for world wide Party People?

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