Sept. 12-13 || overunder arts|| Freak Flag Phenomenon

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SEPT. 12 & 13 at 7pm
Performance Works NW
4625 67th Ave. Portland, OR 97206

$10 — More info and ticket information HERE.

An evening length performance comprised of four fifteen-minute pieces, one from each of the core overunder members, that explore the issues of queer neomysticism, multicultural identity, data and culture collage, and class-based struggles.

overunder is a group of young theater makers who first met each other during their time at college. Its voice is millennial because we are digital natives, activists, and products of a post-9/11 American and global landscape. It is curious and sometimes angry. It is often flawed because we are flawed and because we know that there is always room for growth, that as artists we are responsible for growing. Before everything it tries to be aware of its privilege and elevate the stories of those who are often silenced in society.

overunder is Portland, rooted in the NW and constantly gazing at the changing cultural landscape of a city that we wish was half of what it says it is. We believe that we can make it more.

We believe in media that is both critical and criticized, in the marriage of content and form, in the idea that art belongs to everyone and not just to the cultural elite, in cheap art, art for the price of a cup of coffee, in diverse art, in art that does not present illusion but demands change through its sincere and vulnerable depictions of reality. overunder is a project and endeavor to push ourselves to our creative limits and the edges of our personal comfort zones. Because we believe that art without accountability (contextual, creative, cultural, critical) is bullshit.

It is mostly speculation as we were founded in May of 2014.

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