2015 EVENTS: Fall





October 3 at 8pm | sliding scale up to $10
Edward Sharp curates Chicago-based Antibody Corporation.  Neue Welt incorporates movement, sound, and text, to dance around the idea of a, or the “New World.” Antibody Corporation utilizes a military approach to space and time, and a constructed language, Inglash, to invoke the possibility of a new culture. Plus works by Lucy Yim & Edward + Sidony.October 16 at 8pmDear Armen
An audience-interactive theatre experience inspired by the life of Armen Ohanian, an enigmatic Armenian performer and poet. Blending traditional Armenian dance, erotic performance, monologue and live music, Dear Armen weaves together the voices and struggles of three generations of gender nonconforming Armenians. Click HERE for advance tickets.


judy d

November 12 at 7:30pm
Judy Dunaway (Boston) + Linda Austin
Judy and Linda knew each other in the NYC experimental music scene of the late 80s/90s. Now they reunite with a special double bill: Judy’s balloon music + Linda’s new solo version of her 2012 ensemble work A head of timeNovember 13 & 14 at 8pm
ALCHEMY: Alembic Artists Showcase
Nancy Ellis
Dora Gaskill
Stephanie Trotter


photo by Tim Summers
December 3-6
Alice Gosti (Seattle)
Alice brings to PWNW Protecting the herd, an intimate adaptation/sequel to How to Become a Partisan, which premiered in Seattle in April 2015.

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