4/19 || CATFISH release party & concert

CATFISH Joe Cunningham – tenor sax; Dan Duval – guitar; Ken Ollis – drums

Sunday April 19 Doors 6:30  ||  Music 7:00
Performance Works NW || 4625 SE 67th Ave., Portland
$5 door cover or $10 for door and CD!

Melancholy instrumental trio CATFISH formed in Portland, Oregon in 2013, led by saxophonist Joe Cunningham (Blue Cranes, Battle Hymns & Gardens). After enlisting Portland veterans, guitarist Dan Duval (The Ocular Concern, PJCE Sextet, Gunga Galunga) and drummer Ken Ollis (Ken Ollis Group, The Demolition Duo, Paxselin Quartet), Cunningham formed CATFISH, a vehicle for open improvisations in the vein of Dirty Three, Paul Motian Trio, and early Cat Power. CATFISH is releasing its first recording, Restraint, on the great Portland label, PJCE Records. Recorded as a trio and orchestrated with many special guests, Restraint is 1/2 simple compositions and 1/2 improvisations.

Reed Wallsmith: Founder and leader of Blue Cranes. Plays in Get Smashing Love Power, Battle Hymns & Gardens, AU, Luke Wyland.
John Gross: Gross is known as a musician’s musician, a mainstay, and in 1994, Saxophone Journal called him one of the most meaningful players on the American Jazz scene. Gross is a jazz original, an improviser, a versatile accompanist and creator of a notational method called Multiphonics for the Saxophone.

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