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Feb. 19-20 at 8pm
Cabaret Boris & Natasha

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After more than a year’s hiatus, Cabaret Boris & Natasha is back! Works by Alyza DPM, Amanda Boekelheide, PANTING, Stacey Tran, TopShakeDance, and the Boris & Natasha Dancers, with PWNW Artistic Director Linda Austin as MC.

$12 in advance || $15 at the door || ADVANCE TICKETS HERE.

Feb. 26-27 at 8pm
GHOSTS + Snake Talk

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A double bill of guest artist performances and workshops curated by Allie Hankins: GHOSTS by Asaf Aharonson & Ruairí Donovan(Berlin) and Snake Talk by Abby Crain, Maryanna Lachman and Mara Poliak (Oakland).

$12 in advance || $15 at the door || ADVANCE TICKETS HERE.

March 13
Dance Film Day (details TBA)

Still from Jana G. Younes' film Orenda.
still from Orenda by Jana G. Younes

Jamuna Chiarini is hosting a Dance Film Day at Performance Works NorthWest, sharing the films screened at The Outlet Dance Project in New Jersey (including Waking the Green Sound by Wobbly Dance) as well as offering a few how-to classes in filmmaking and gathering local dance filmmakers to share their projects. The event is FREE. If you are interested in teaching or sharing, contact Jamuna at jamunadasi at me dot com.
Check out the featured filmmakers at!2015-filmmakers/c17ob

FILMMAKERS: Marta Arjona with Anna Borràs / Maggie Bailey / Ilana Goldman / Sima Gonsai / Jasmine Hearn & Paul Kruse / Juliette Machado / Kyle Georgina Marsh & Ann Lupo / Chris Rogy / Jen Roit / Amy Seiwert / Zornitsa Stoyanova / Wobbly Dance / Jana G. Younes

April 22-24 at 8pm
Linda Austin  || A head of time

photo: Chelsea Petrakis

Linda Austin offers an expanded version of a recent solo based on her 2012 ensemble work A head of time, churning up movement, visuals, props, text and sound in a tragi-comic meditation on time and loss. More information HERE.

April 22 & 23, Fri/Sat at 8pm || April 24 Sunday at 2pm
Tickets: $15-$50 Sliding Scale at
Net proceeds go to fund dancers’s fees for the November 2016 premiere of Austin’s(Un)Made You

August 5-Sept 12
Visiting Alembic Artist Margit Galanter

Once again the PWNW Alembic Program plays host to a Visiting Artist who will share a unique vision and practice, expanding and explicating her work with her current project Cave Forms.

Darkness, no creativity, togetherness, star-gazing, reciprocity, perceptual vibrancy, gathering, seeing and being scene, transducing, hermeticism, constellating, fecundity, channeling.

Stay tuned for more information about how Margit and two collaborators Mara Poliak and Frances Rosario will be sharing with us.

November 4-6 at 7:30 pm
Dora Gaskill || S-words


Dora is in the PWNW studio, pursuing ideas which emerged from the 2015 Alembic Residency. She is exploring the symbolism and sibilance of words that implicate the letter ‘S’—rearranging the furniture of inhabited physical structures and psychic constructs.  She is squishing herself through unstable structures and swallowing the notion that there is no safe ground. Attempting to stay with her singleness while signaling for support.  Sorting through stories. Sitting in the shadows of unsustainable shelters.

Dora will share the new work over three evenings in November with collaborators to be announced.

November 12-20
the last bell rings for you
chapter 2 of Linda Austin’s 3-part project (Un)Made
at Shaking the Tree Warehouse || 823 SE GrantUNMADE SAVE

Nov. 12 & 13, Saturday and Sunday
November 17-20, Wednesday-Sunday
All performances at 8pm

Collaborating with a group of some of Portland’s most innovative performers, Linda Austin has created a large ensemble performance score for people whose performing experience runs the gamut from zero to professional. Linda and collaborators have invited a diverse group of 15-20 additional participants to learn, do and find pleasure in a tender and richly patterned tapestry of group behaviors including singing, walking, bell-wringing, and yes, dancing. These citizen performers will learn the material in a series of workshop.rehearsals that begin a week before opening night!

with dancers claire barrera, Jin Camou, Nancy Ellis, Jen Hackworth, Allie Hankins, keyon gaskin, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles and Takahiro Yamamoto

composer John Berendzen
choreographer/director Linda Austin
visual elements by Morgan Ritter and Linda Austin
lighting designer Jeff Forbes
and 15-18 community participants!

Dec. 15-17
Complicated Women
Katie Scherman | 2016 Alembic Resident Artist

Katie Scherman

December 18

GIFTS: A film featuring last year’s Visiting Artist Clare Whistler

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