Happy Birthday, Jeff Forbes!

Jeff Forbes—PWNW Co-Founder & Technical Director, Lighting Designer for tons of dance artists & companies around town, and proud papa of Delaney & Delilah—is turning 60 on August 23rd!

All Jeff wants for his birthday (ok, yeah, besides some birthday drinks and toasts) is for you to donate to PWNW. As one of the 60 presents she’s giving him, Linda will match any donation with the numeral 6 in it ($6, $16, $26, $60,  etc) up to $600!

BIG THANKS to these generous donors!
Karen Bernard
Allie Hankins
Carol Ann Wohlmut
Joanne Austin
Jerry Tischleder
Karl Lind
Linda Hutchins & John Montague
Orna Berkowitz
Mary Oslund
Kate Bredeson & Eric Nordstrom
Paige McKinney
Stephanie Lavon Trotter

Send a Check
PWNW | 4625 SE 67th Ave. | Portland, OR  97206

or Donate Online!

donatenowlogo1 Donate Now WITH PAYPAL
Donate Button with Credit Cards

Love from all of us at PWNW!

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