Nov. 12-20 || The last bell rings for you

Performance Works NorthWest presents

The last bell rings for you

Nov. 12-13, Saturday and Sunday at 8pm
Nov. 17-20Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday* at 8pm
                      * Nov. 20 Sunday’s performance is ASL-interpreted
Special Event: Nov. 16 Video Installation + Karaoke Party at Wednesday at 7pm
Shaking the Tree Warehouse
823 SE Grant St.
(corner of SE 9th & Grant)

$15 for the performance
$10 for the karaoke party
$20 for both events. or at the door

A few Arts for All Tickets available. Click HERE to send an email requesting will call tickets. 2 per Oregon Trail Card holder.

See images HERE.

Collaborating with a group of some of Portland’s most compelling performers, Linda Austin has created a large ensemble performance score for people whose performing experience runs the gamut from zero to professional. Linda and her collaborators have invited a diverse group of 18 community participants to learn, perform, and find pleasure in a tender and richly patterned tapestry of group behaviors including singing, walking, bell-ringing, and yes, dancing. Informal rituals, texts, songs and interactions with everyday objects generate a web of transitory relationships that are both celebrated and mourned. The 18 additional citizen performers will learn the material in a series of workshop/rehearsals that begin a week before opening night!

The last bell rings for you is Chapter 2 in Linda Austin’s (Un)Made dance triptych, which began in 2015 with the (Un)Made Solo Relay Series and will culminate with an ensemble piece called world, a world in 2017.

Supported in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council and Work for Art

choreographer/director Linda Austin
composer John Berendzen
visual elements by Morgan Ritter and Linda Austin
lighting design by Jeff Forbes
stage manager Jenn Lindell

with dancer/collaborators claire barrera, Jin Camou, Nancy Ellis, Jen Hackworth, Allie Hankins, keyon gaskin, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles and Takahiro Yamamoto

and community participants Yulia Arakelyan, Happy Barnes-Light, Michael Chambers, Jeff Donaldson-Forbes, Wynde Dyer, Dora Gaskill, Maggie Heath, Robin Koch, John Light, John Niekrasz, Chelsea Petrakis, edward sharp, Emily Stone, Chloe Thompson, Mike Treffehn, Curtis Walker, Fawn Williams, Ken Yoshikawa


Experience a 6-channel video installation featuring all 12 versions of Austin’s 2015 Solo Relay Series, aka (Un)Made Chapter One. Karaoke by Jesse Mejia & Chloe Thompson. Drinks, snacks, and a raffle!

Linda Austin (choreographer and director)
Active in dance and performance since the 1980s, Linda Austin delights in and is provoked by how her dance practices and obsessions jostle and knock against each other, never settling into one singular vision. Her work deploys an assortment of sound, text, visuals, props and movement to create non-linear, poetic works—often laced with an eccentric wit—that have been presented in New York City, Mexico and throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Linda is co-founder (with lighting wiz Jeff Forbes) and director of Performance Works NorthWest, celebrating 16 years of avid experimentation in time-based arts in Portland, OR. Her recent honors include a RACC Fellowship in the Performing Arts.

John Berendzen (­composer and sound design) has been creating electroacoustic music and sound for the theatre, dance and arts communities in Portland and elsewhere for over 20 years. In addition to directing show for Liminal performance group, he also serves as Liminal’s resident composer and sound designer. John has collaborated with Imago Theater, Mary Oslund and Co. Dance, Hand2Mouth Theatre, and others. He has performed at the Portland Art Center, The Bell House in Brooklyn, and the 2008 Seville Bienniale. In addition to studying raga with Michael Stirling and Terry Riley, he spent a year with minimalist godfather La Monte Young as an intern, student, and sound recordist. His latest project with Liminal, Blood on the Cat’s Neck, aka Marilyn Monroe Contre les Vampires will premiere Dec. 8-11 at Disjecta.

Jeff Forbes (Lighting Designer) is a Portland based lighting designer working primarily in theatre and dance. He is a 10-time winner of the Willie and Drammy Awards. He has toured nationally and internationally with Imago Theatre, the Deborah Hay Dance Company and Antony and the Johnsons. His work in dance and performance includes frequent collaborations with choreographers such as Linda Austin, Tahni Holt, and Linda K Johnson. He is resident lighting designer for Northwest Dance Project and technical director for White Bird Dance. Jeff is also co-founder, with Linda Austin, of Performance Works NorthWest, for which he also serves as technical director.

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