a world, a world video trailer

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a world, a world invites audiences into a hyperactive landscape saturated by shards of movement, image, and language, a tumult that stutters and sputters out, yielding to a more spacious, minimal, and meditative world.

Performed for an intimate audience in an extravagantly immersive environment designed by Linda Austin and Sarah Marguier, this work is the culminating chapter in (Un)Made, a body of work investigating the limits of personhood.

In 2015 the (Un)Made Solo Relay began as a solo was passed along from performer to performer as in a game of telephone, in a series taking place over 6 months. In November 2016, the second chapter, the last bell rings for you, gathered 18 participants with varying levels of performance experience to learn and perform a work that, through informal rituals, texts, songs and interactions with everyday objects, generated a web of transitory community relationships that were both celebrated and mourned.

For a world, a world, nine performers who have been working with Austin throughout channel impulses generated from the cultural content that surrounds, passes through, and constitutes all of us, until released to luxuriate in a space of emptiness, attention and devotion.Throughout, the lure of performance is tested, resisted, and embraced.

Choreography and direction by Linda Austin
Set design by Austin and Sarah Marguier; carpentry by Seth Nehil
Costumes by Sarah Marguier
Sound design by Seth Nehil
Lighting by Jeff Forbes

Collaborating performers:
claire barrera, jin camou, Nancy Ellis, keyon gaskin, Jen Hackworth, Allie Hankins, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles and Takahiro Yamamoto.

Note: “A world, a world” features a rotating cast, five of the dancers above will perform each night.

ARTS FOR ALL TICKETS: email info@pwnw-pdx.org for your reservation

SUNDAY ATTENDEES: Please join us for free snacks and mingling after the show at Bar Carlo, just a block away.


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