2018 Events: Summer

All events at PWNW unless otherwise specified
4625 SE 67th Ave.|| Portland, OR 97206
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Lerallee Whittle || J(())Y ** 

Joy GraphicFri & Sat June 1 & 2 at 8pm
Alembic Co-Production/Visiting Artist
Visiting Artist Leralee Whittle presents J (()) Y, combining movement, live music and video into genre-bending assemblages fueled by new and ancient body circuitry. Mizu Desierto explores loss of control in favor of liquidity. Advance tickets HERE.

Notice Recordings presents Composed Improvisations for Music & Dance

Show poster for Facebook

Wed June 13 at 8pm
Alembic Co-Production
Notice Recordings presents, in collaboration with The Extradition Series, a night of contemporary music and dance by John Cage, Christian Wolff, and Toshi Ichiyanagi. Featuring Matt Hannafin on percussion, among others, joined by movement artists Emily Jones and Taka Yamamoto.

Eric Nordstrom || Dance Film Double Feature: Standing on Gold (a work-in-progress showing) and Moving History: Portland Contemporary Dance Past and Present


Sat June 16 at 8pm
Alembic Co-Production
Standing on Gold documents eighty-two-year-old Simone Forti’s innovations in postmodern dance. This work-in-progress dance documentary includes never-before-screened work and choice photos from Forti’s own personal archive. Moving Historyexplores six decades of Portland’s contemporary dance history through interviews and archival footage. Join us for one or both films. FREE. Donations toward the completion of Standing on Gold gratefully accepted!

Linda Austin || Recipe: A Reading Test & Raw Material
Two solos from the 1980s

1984 Recipe 2 Toyo TsuchiyaFri & Sat June 22 & 23 at 8pm
Linda Austin Dance
PWNW Founder & Artistic Director Linda Austin performs new versions of two of her earliest solos: Recipe: A Reading Test (1983) and Raw Material (1985). All proceeds go to support PWNW||Linda Austin Dance  programs. Advance Tickets HERE.
Photo by Toyo Tsuchiya

Genderbomb presents Passion:Fruit Trans Variety Show


July 7 at 8pm
PWNW Public Access

Genderbomb will be partying this summer in all the best ways. Sour, crunchy, Juicy, passion, Fruit! Relax and let your inhibitions melt with Portland’s freshest crew of underground trans performers. Age 18+ show.  If you don’t like kink, nudity and implied sexuality then maybe go to a different party. More info HERE.

Peter Redgrave & Shana Palmer


July 9 at 8pm
Alembic Co-Production/Visiting Artist

Peter Redgrave and Shana Palmer will be performing a duet, an improvised combination of music and movement. These two inter-dimensional artists have known each other for many years, but this will be the first time they have performed together. Peter Redgrave is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. He is interested in limits, interruption, narrative, and what it is to be human.  Shana Palmer is a multimedia artist and musician whose music bends the threshold of ambient, psych and noise.

The screaming traps + Tahni Holt: A shared evening of work **

RELATIVES UPSIDE DOWNThurs-Sat || July 19–21 at 8pm || $16
Alembic Co-Production

RELATIVES: a movement and light meditation on the (in)visibility of identities by The screaming traps (Shannon Stewart and Ellery Burton).

Rubble Bodies: Materiality of bodies comes into sharp focus in this new work by Tahni Holt, in collaboration with composer Luke Wyland and performers Willis Wills and Holland Andrews.

The Starred Events ** are available for Arts for All tickets!
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