Performance Rental

photo: Chelsea Petrakis

PWNW PUBLIC ACCESS: rent our space for your performance

PWNW is happy to offer its space for performance rentals as they fit into our studio and personal schedules.

Email us inquire further.
Visit to check availability. NOTE: An edged white box means space is already booked. Light gray means it’s available.

Preference given to projects that align with our mission to advance the performing arts of the Pacific Northwest, engaging artists and audiences fully in the process of experimentation, creation and dialog around the presentation of contemporary performance.

We are currently booking performances in our space, but at a reduced capacity, i.e. 20-30 audience members, depending on how large cast/crews is. We also require audiences, staff, and crew to wear masks and be vaccinated. Performance groups must check vaccination status of audience members before they enter the space.

Sets for performances & rehearsals in our space need to be broken down and cleared from the space between each use so that others may use the studio for rehearsal. No nailing or screwing into the floor. Sharp edges on objects need protection (felt, rubber) that dance floor is kept unharmed. NO TAP SHOES OR SPIKE HEELS!


Single performance = $160 (up to 5 hours in the space)
Additional hours on performance day = $16/hour
Each additional performance = $120
Two performances on same day (up to 10 continuous hours in the space) = $225
Technical rehearsal (use of lights/backstage) = $16/hour

$550/week, with strike each evening
Up to 35 hours space within a 7 day week use for load-in, rehearsals, tech rehearsal and performances, as available within the 7-day week).
Examples: 4 performances + 15 hours rehearsal/tech, or 3 performances + 20 hours rehearsal/tech

Discounts are negotiable for multi-week runs, if available
Use of video projector = $3 per performance/rehearsal or $15/week


  • The PWNW space is a 30 x 40 room with audience risers at one end. The risers are two levels making three rows of chairs with the lowest row on the floor.
  • 44 contoured vinyl chairs plus 5 higher stools with backs.
  • The performance area is about 30 feet wide by 25 feet deep. The  walls and ceiling are white. There are black curtains that can cover the side and back walls for something closer to a black box effect.
  • The ceiling is about 11 feet high at center and curves down to 8 feet on either side.
  • There is no lobby. One steps right into the space from our porch. For ticketing, a folding table is available that can be removed at curtain time.
  • Space is wheelchair accessible but there is no accessible bathroom.
  • Performance rental includes use of space, sound and light equipment, risers, chairs, and use of backstage/apartment area.
  • Rental does not include box office service, box office staff or tech or design crew.

TECH INFO: Click here for a PDF of the house rep plot

Lighting system:
24 channel Leprecon 2-scene present memory board and 24 dimmers. Lighting instruments include

  • 2 Source Fours [36 deg.]
  • 6 Source Four Jrs. [36 deg.]
  • 6 Source Four Jrs. [50 deg.]
  • 7 fresnels
  • A few 6×9 ellipsoidals
  • 4 Luxium ZR30 RGBW LEDs, 1800 Lumen

Lighting positions are available on unistrut strips with high front, side, back and overhead positions. There are a few floor bases as well.

PWNW has a lighting rep plot hung in the space. Any changes or additions to the rep plot need to be approved by Technical Director Jeff Forbes.

Sound system:
12 channel Mackie mixer and two powered JBL Eon 10 in. speakers. Input for laptop or other devices. CD/DVD player (Haven’t used in years, but it’s around!). Two Shure mics, 2 boom mic stands, a desktop mic stand and cable. No piano.

Video Projector:
Optoma ZH406 4500-Lumen Laser DLP Projector is ceiling mounted and projects onto the white upstage wall.