Feb 23-25 ║Alembic Artists’ Showcase

After working in the PWNW studio for the past year, the 2017 Alembic Resident Artists are ready to share their work: civilized by performer Catherine Egan, An Incidental Host/ the passenger may in fact be the pilot by dancer Suzanne Chi, and  (pp) another fearless performance presented by GRINDGROUP.

three new performance works
February 23-25, 2018
Friday & Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm

–>Post show talk with the artists facilitated by Tahni Holt after the Saturday show.

$12-$15 in advance, $15 at the door https://2017alembic.bpt.me
Arts for All $5 tickets available for Oregon Trail Card members, email info@pwnw-pdx.org to reserve.

civilized is a performance installation exploring ice as a visual medium and the sound of language as an abstraction of communication. Ice serves as a lens. It’s a source of visual distortion, a sculptural set piece, a movement metaphor and a sound generator. Within this environment, two beings adapt to the uneasy balance of forces. civilized, a project started in the summer of 2016, with collaborators Celine Bouly and Doug Theriault, was performed as a work in progress at Blue Sky Gallery February 2017. Though much has changed since that early performance, ideas and tone remain, even if submerged.

An Incidental Host / the passenger may in fact be the pilot    The human body serves as home to a multiplicity of single-celled organisms, some of which we have a more amicable relationship with than others.  This work turns the lens inward, using the microscopic world as inspiration.  It intends to investigate and extrapolate on the motility of bacteria and protozoa, while questioning the role these organisms have on the development of human personality.  The body is generally accepted as the home to the mind, or the ego, but what does it mean to also serve as residence to others?

(p→p)    if p is possible, then it is necessary that p is possible. Also, if p is necessary, then it is necessary that p is necessary. and if it ought to be that p, then it is permitted that p seems appropriate, but we should probably not include that p, because in doing so we are saying that if p is the case, p ought to be permitted.



Catherine Egan is a performer, visual artist and director.

Céline Bouly, founder of Les Mains Vides dance company, is an award winning choreographer with extensive teaching experience in diverse institutions. She has completed advanced programs at  Marne-La-Vallée University and Paris 8 University. Residing in Portland since 2009, she has performed with Randee Paufve and Susan Banyas. In 2013, Celine staged her ensemble work ‘I am not going to jail!’ at Conduit. She has been working with Catherine Egan since 2014.

Doug Theriault (b.1967) is an unclassifiable multi instrumentalist, composer and instrument builder who resides in Portland, Oregon.  His music has covered Classical, Contemporary Classical, Free Improvisation, Jazz, Progressive, Pop and Punk Rock, Noise, Minimalism, Electronic Music, Indian Classical Music, Sound Installations and Folk genres. He is mostly known for his guitar improvisations with custom made electronics.


GRINDGROUP is a contemporary multi-media art group based in portland, or.

Muddy Feet-83

Suzanne Chi is a dancer and producer in Portland, Oregon, where she is the co-artistic of Muddy Feet Contemporary Dance. She has danced in work by choreographers including Minh Tran, Carla Mann, Dawn Stoppiello, Tere Mathern, Rachel Slater, Lindsey Matheis, Franco Nieto, and Tracey Durbin. Most recently, she performed in Tahni Holt’s Sensation/Disorientation, presented by White Bird Dance. Suzanne’s dance performance has been showcased at the Remix Festival in Philadelphia, PA, Northwest New Works Festival at On the Boards, as a part of Velocity’s Bridge Project in Seattle, and at the Theater im Pumpenhaus in Münster, Germany. She was a resident at the Bessie Schönberg Residency at the Yard on Martha’s Vineyard. Suzanne earned her BA in Dance from Muhlenberg College and has a graduate degree from the National College of Natural Medicine. She practices acupuncture at Rose City Physical Therapy. Photo:  Lindsay Hile.

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