2019 Events: Fall


All events at PWNW unless otherwise specified
4625 SE 67th Ave. ║ Portland, OR 97206  map

ADVANCE TIX for PWNW-produced events HERE
The Starred Events ** are eligible for Arts for All tickets!
—above photo by Mirifoto—

Sept. 21 ║ GENDERBOMB ║ Oops! All Porn

PWNW Public Access

Genderbomb | Oops! All Porn
Saturday Sept. 21 8-10pm
Tickets: $9 in advance or $10 at the door
Donations get you extras! All proceeds go to the artists
Advance tickets HERE
More info HERE

Trans sexual expression outside of the boundaries of the cis male gaze. Genderbomb refuses to apologize for embracing what they love. Come get high on their grade A p°rnographic supply as Genderbomb’s trans rebellion through art continues!

Oct. 13 Holy Goats! Returns

DANCERS: Michele Ainza, Linda Austin, Mike Barber, claire barrera, Hannah Krafcik, Tahni Holt, and crystal jiko sasaki.
MUSICIANS: Annie Gilbert, Dan Sasaki, Caspar Sonnet, and Stephanie Lavon Trotter.

Holy Goats! Sunday Afternoon Improvisations (2001-2008) is back after a long, long slumber for the first of a quarterly series devoted to improvisation. Dance and music by Portland-area and visiting artists. Plus coffee and bagels!
October 13 at 2pm
$5-$15 at the door

Nov 9-10 GrindGroup 2.5 Billion Light Years on the Other End**

Saturday Nov. 9
Sunday Nov. 10
8pm, Doors at 7:30
Tickets: $10


2.5 Billion Light Years On The Other End is an arrangement of certain scenes. Particular themes return and depart again and again: the mythical, historical, personal; the relation of phenomena and function to life, a dog’s bark, a tree, rock and roll, or the distance of the Milky Way to the next nearest galaxy.

Nov. 18, Dec. 1 Julia Brandenburger/Rogue Theology Funeral for Expectations

Monday Nov. 18
Sunday Dec. 1
All shows at 7:30

This immersive and participatory ceremony of disposition examines the life of Expectations, who measured success.  As Expectations always used to say “Once you’ve achieved this goal, once you’ve accomplished this thing, once you’ve attained this position, then you will be fulfilled”.  A funerary procession will lead you and your company into a dark room.  You will then be taken through a series of landscapes, fun and goofy, dark and deep.  You will be respectfully invited to share of your own experiences with Expectations throughout the service.  www.roguetheology.com

Nov. 15-16 PANOPLY: PWNW Fundraiser

Performance Works NW is 19! (as a space)
Perforamance Works NW is 20! (as a legal entity)
Join PWNW and some of our favorite dancers, performance-makers, musicians and rabble-rousers for two nights of stellar performance and merry-making! More info HERE!

Nov. 15-16 Friday-Saturday
Door at 7:30pm, show starts 8pm.
Tickets $16-$50 || Both performances $25-$80

Nov. 22-23 ║ SPLIT BILL ║ Allie Hankins + Elby Brosch**

Alembic Co-Production

Invisible Touch || Drama Tops, This is for you
Performance by Allie Hankins and Elby Brosch
FRI-SAT, Nov. 22 & 23 at 8pm
Tickets $12-$20 || Advance tickets here

Seattle-based Elby Brosch & Portland’s Allie Hankins share an evening of compelling dance performance.

Invisible Touch, by Allie Hankins, is a performance that centers deconstruction as a means of meaning-making. It takes many comb-throughs, and admitting things are tangled, but that’s all.

In Drama Tops, This is for you a trans masculine dancer /choreographer Elby Brosch, tells his story through duets with a cis man, Shane Donohue. Toxic masculinity is splayed open and gutted using queer humor. The potential beauty of masculinity is revealed through tenderness and empathy. Past, present, and future are woven together with strands of memory and longing. Identity is embodied through relationships between parts of a whole.

December 6-7 Split Chorus Stephanie Lavon Trotter + Dora Gaskill**

Alembic Co-Production

Graphical Optical Black Out by Dora Gaskill
Within the body of a theatrical light, a gobo is a patterned template, positioned between a source of light and its lens(es) to obstruct the projected beam in a useful or beautiful way. Into a field. Creating a texture or landscape. GOBO is a choreography by a lighting designer. The dry jargon of the anatomy of light conflates with the pulsing, lively experience of the technology of perception.

Nothing’s really easy about the end of the world, an opera in progress by Stephanie Lavon Trotter
The world is on fire and drowning, water level choking, heat stifling. Do we resist it and dig underground? Or ease into it, burning up from the inside like the dinosaurs? Maybe I’m just trying to understand how I fit into this mess, how I add to it, how I can create new pathways from the ones that no longer lead us anywhere. Can we unlearn ways of being?

Dec. 13 ║ Karaoke Party! a fun(d)raiser for PWNW

Friday December 13
$10-$15 sliding scale + a minimum of $1 suggested per song you sing

Photo by Chelsea Petrakis

SAVE THE DATES: Jan. 16-25 ║ Linda Austin Dance ║ a world, a world

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