Feb. 28, March 6 & 7 || Rogue Theology || Funeral for Expectations

An Immersive Theatre Ritual Aimed at Detachment from Success

Friday Feb. 28, Friday & Saturday March 6 & 7
7:30 pm

Tickets $12 at Eventbrite

This immersive and participatory ceremony of disposition examines the life of Expectations, who measured success. As Expectations always used to say “Once you’ve achieved this goal, once you’ve accomplished this thing, once you’ve attained this position, then you will be fulfilled”.

A funerary procession will lead you and your company into a dark room. You will then be taken through a series of landscapes, fun and goofy, dark and deep. You will be respectfully invited to share of your own experiences with Expectations throughout the service.

PWNW Public Access

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