DEC 17 || PWNW Happy Hour || Jaleesa Johnston + Sophia Wright Emigh

Please join us on Zoom for 
PWNW Happy Hour
Thursday Dec. 17, 5-6:20 pm
with work shared by Jaleesa Johnston & Sophia Wright Emigh

Our time together begins with a welcome and a toast, followed by artists presenting work, segueing into lively discussion, and finishing off with a chance to win a T-shirt or other prize! At PWNW we will be trying out a Maple & Spice Old-Fashioned, in case you want to do the same.

Sliding Scale: $0-$30
you must register by 3pm day of show to get the Zoom link!

Jaleesa and Sophia will share collaborative and then individual work, beginning with the first two short films in the Bodies Apart, Moving Together trilogy involving work from 20+ movement makers, the first chapter of which you can view here, and the second of which is a world premiere!

Jaleesa will then share current work from a series of drawings and video performances based on a movement practice that contemplates the relationship between space, material, Blackness and abstraction.
Sophia will share an evolving iteration of Water Mother, a 3-channel glitched movement film piece and ongoing performance investigation exploring the facets of honoring grief while holding capacity for life, belonging within the anthropocene and reciprocating the care held by the water.

Jaleesa Johnston (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the black female body as both subject and material through performance, video, photography, sculpture and collage.

Sophia Wright Emigh (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and director working with film, photography, installation, performance and participatory media. Sophia explores the themes of ancestral connection, quantum observation, matrescence, the earth body, and the common space inside whirling dervishes, hurricanes, and black holes.

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