Alembic Artists Program

Performance Works NW’s Alembic Resident Artist Cohort #8 is Maura Campbell-Balkits, maximiliano, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Hannah Krafcik + Emily Jones. Since their residency began in June 2020, our Alembic Artists have shown up for their practice throughout the pandemic and are ready to share in-person performances with a masked, limited audience this summer.

apogee by Hannah Krafcik + Emily Jones
Friday & Saturday July 30 & 31 at 8pm


Emily and Hannah against a projection of multicolored flowers.
Image Description: Emily, a white femme, stands with their head tipped back against a wall covered in a projection of purple, yellow, and pink flowers. Hannah, a white nonbinary person, kneels behind Emily, almost out of view, with arms pressed and reaching up against the wall. Emily is in the foreground with a black mesh and red velvet shirt and black pants with red stripes down the side.


by Hannah Krafcik and Emily Jones 

this system is a living-ghost
that knows what is dead in life 
what is alive in detritus
rejecting, absorbing
repercussions of the fake-real
and layers of data to sense through 
touching truths that don’t abide by logic
awake in dreams, and online when all else is disrupted

What does it mean to have a critically engaged nervous system? What intuitive and predictive technologies do bodies hold, and how do they help us realize deep seated personal truths (what we don’t yet know we know)? This offering is a sci-fi inspired multi-sensory stim—a personal reflection on the ways our own sensitive systems intertwine with surroundings, how they collapse time, find order, glitch and regulate. It was developed holding neurodiverse experiences in mind and includes video, sound, text, and movement collected and arranged over the course of the pandemic.

Apogee is climax at a distance.   

Videography for projections by Hannah Krafcik with contributions by Emily Jones
Video editing for projections by Hannah Krafcik 
Sound design by Hannah Krafcik 
Dramaturgy by Allie Hankins 
Lighting design by Jeff Forbes 
Captions by Cheryl Green


Content + Photosensitivity Warning: This performance features loud sound and multiple video projections including footage that is shaky and quickened with fast cuts and flashing visuals; it may not be safe for those who experience seizures, motion sickness, or dizziness.
COVID-19 Precautions
*revised to reflect safety precautions and risks of attending*

–PWNW will not be requiring or checking vaccination status of audiences. Audience members will be required to wear masks. Please double up or wear N95 if you feel unsafe.
–Audiences will be seated 2-3ft apart. Be advised that PWNW cannot accommodate seating 6ft apart for anyone who is unvaccinated (as the CDC recommends) and/or who wishes to sit socially distant.
–Dancers are vaccinated and will be wearing masks. Dancers will come in close proximity to audience members at times during the performance. 
–PWNW will run air purifiers while audiences are inside the space.

Open Captions: Captioning will be provided for pre-recorded sound as part of the video projection. Not all seating will offer an optimal view of these captions. Please indicate your need to see captions in your RSVP. 


Parking and Facility Access: All parking is street parking. The venue is accessible from SE 67th Ave. At the building next door to PWNW on the south side, there are curb cuts leading from the street to a cement sidewalk. The cement sidewalk leads directly to PWNW’s wheelchair accessible ramp, which is equipped with a railing. PWNW has a wheelchair accessible bathroom that can be accessed upon request. We cannot guarantee a scent free environment.

Please reach out to info@pwnw-pdx.org about any access needs or concerns.

Emily Jones and Hannah Krafcik make performances and facilitate movement practices together. They are white settlers on the unceded lands of Cowlitz, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Clackamas and many other tribes, also known as Portland, OR. Hannah (they/them) is a neurodivergent dancer and writer. Emily (she/they) is a dancer, movement educator, and bodyworker. Their long-standing collaboration is driven by considering the way power dynamics affect their bodyminds and behaviors. Their performances have been presented by New Expressive Works, Art Klub NOLA, Pieter Performance Space, and Performance Works NW.

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