We are excited to welcome Adrianna Audoma, Blue McCall, dee bustos, and Pepper Pepper, all beginning their Alembic Artist Residency in 2022! The vital work of our resident artists always inspires and nourishes us and—we look forward to our space becoming energized by this phenomenal group during 2022.

We also want to thank all the artist applicants who spent time and energy and took the risk of submitting. It’s always a humbling and difficult decision-making process for the panel, which this year was composed of Crystal Jiko Sasaki, Maura Campbell-Balkits, maximiliano, Stephanie Lavon Trotter, and Tahni Holt. Thank you, panel!


photo by Eliot Petenbrink

while maintaining an inquisitive body, i am interested in spilling. what we spill, what we spill from, how we spill. how we refill. the ease & the effort in such a flood.

Adrianna Audoma
is an emerging contemporary choreographer based in Portland, Oregon. With 20 years of dance experience, ranging from formal, classical training to various improvisational studies, she is continually curious about the body in motion and places of extremity. She tends to play with contradictions and complements within the body and how the physical reality of our space shapes this interplay. She is influenced by her time in Jerusalem, honesty, videogames, family secrets, chaos, and children.

Adrianna has been a collaborative member of Tongue Dance Project since 2014 and is currently an instructor at Steps PDX.

photo by Brenna Murphy

Desire is creative impetus: To create utopias within the frame of performance. To collaborate with humans, creatures, and objects in a cyborg trans-feminist mode. To nourish my body. Towards noise, abstraction, and revolt.

Annabelle Blue McCall
Blue is a visual artist and dancer who makes in an embodied mode across textile, sculpture, performance, and poetics. They work as a choreographer for hyper-pop and metal musicians, and make experimental dance films. Blue’s practice is collaborative. They work with dancers and non-dancers alike, creating ways into movement by writing scores, setting from improvisation, or by borrowing from erotics, labor, and life. 

Blue’s practice has been supported by The Warman School of Death and Erotics, No Bounds Radio London, the Cooley Gallery, RACC, Portland Textile Month, Conduit at Utopian Visions Art Fair, Campo Collective, Jan Julius, and Thembos for Food Sovereignty. Their portfolio lives at 

photo by Mariana Harris

i am interested in exploring a movement practice centered around tenderness, inquiry and grace—while using memory (both personal and collective) as a point of departure for improvisation.

dee bustos
is movement and sees it in everything. although they un/intentionally chose to quit the conventional dance path as a child, they feel immensely grateful for the freedom and shame that has tried to keep them from expressing themselves.

they are currently fascinated by sound, food, earth, human relationships and experiences of isolation. 

they crave a world that prioritizes joy, consent and being gentle.

I’m curious about the relationship between grief, praise and celebration—how we honor our present moment through attending to place and power. 

Pepper Pepper
(Kaj-anne Pepper) (b.’85) creates performance, dance, and installation to explore presence and queer glamor. In the studio, Pepper is decidedly multidisciplinary and actively combines theater, writing and movement with their conceptual and visual practices – currently very involved with the relationship between the digital and analog body. As a celebrant and “drag-savant” Pepper has the privilege of priestessing events ranging from large scale performance events, weddings, fundraisers and intimate transformational moments.

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