August 8-20 || LIMITS: Corrie Beffort + Jason Anderson || Alembic Parent Residency

LIMITS is the performance/film hybrid formed by dancer/scenographer Corrie Befort and sound artist Jason E Anderson in 2014. The duo draw upon their extensive involvement with improvisation, film, video art, installation and experimental performance to investigate psychological experiences of time, memory and perception. LIMITS live performances disorient, disrupt and reorganize space/context, as a means to engage a fully sensate experience. These ultra-physical, often volatile performance scenarios generate new, iterative works of film, installation, audio recordings and performance. Currently LIMITS is based out of rural Eastern WA.

Sunday August 14 at 4pm || Open showing at PWNW
Outdoor reception with drinks and snacks to follow.

We are using this residency opportunity to invite other artists to play/improvise with us within the context of LIMITS, proposing “container” scores for ourselves toward revealing new ideas and perspectives on our preoccupations with character, narrative and information density. These experiences will generate source materials: video and audio recordings for sampling and scenarios we will resynthesize for further iteration. This work also informs Jason’s interactions with the new instrument he has created as it pertains to live performance, and Corrie folds in elements of her experimental “Iris Dance” form including new and returning participants.

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