November 17-20 || Marissa Rae Niederhauser || Record Rewind replay record…

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November 17-20, 2022
Thursday-Sunday at 7:30pm
PWNW | 4625 SE 67th Ave, Portland

During time spent visiting her father in a dementia care facility, choreographer Marissa Rae Niederhauser became curious about the correlations between Alzheimer’s Disease and General Relativity. She is joined by composer Juniana Lanning and actor Daniel Shaw for a devised theater work contemplating the slippery qualities of time, intangibility of self/relationships and the myth of memory, amidst a tangle of chairs, record players, paper airplanes and unspooled cassette tapes.


Juniana Lanning comes from a background of classical training and audio engineering.  Early in her studies, the discovery of musique concrete and neoclassical minimalism reformed her habits of listening- the purpose of music being not for pleasure or entertainment but for an altered sense of both the inner and outer human awarenesses.The creation of music turned into a search of the musical quality of everyday sounds and their relationships with each other and their environments.  She uses these to create listening experiences that allows the listener to explore and get lost while still sensing the comfort of familiarity. Juniana thrives in collaborations with visual artists, but also engages in occasional live performance with Portland’s Extradition Series and Creative Music Guild.

Daniel Shaw has been involved in amateur dramatics for over 30 years, performing in Portland (OR), Connecticut, New York and New Jersey as well as abroad in England and Qatar. He also gained valuable experience backstage, assisting national touring companies with lighting and sound. For this production, Daniel is excited to be able to draw from his academic career where he earned an MS (George Mason University) and BS (West Point), both in physics. Daniel works as an end-of-life doula, helping people have the deaths they want and deserve. In addition to founding the Virtual Death Doula Network (and turning it into a non-profit last year) with two doula colleagues, he also volunteers with Raise Our Voices, helping Afghan translators abandoned by the US following its occupation of their country, get their Special Immigration Visas so they can get to safety. Daniel is enjoying stretching his acting experience with this production.

Marissa Rae Niederhauser makes body based work in dance, film, performance and installation. She moved to Portland a few weeks before the world fell apart and time stopped existing. Before Portland she was living in Berlin where her live works had been presented at Nah Dran/Ada Studio, K77 Studio, and Lake Studios. She has also presented at Movement Research/Judson Church, Gibney/New Museum Ideas City Street Festival, Waxworks at Triskelion in NYC and at On the Boards, Seattle Art Museum, Velocity Dance Center, Henry Art Gallery, Annex Theatre and Seattle University in Seattle, WA. Here in Portland she was a 2020 Alembic Artist in Residence at PWNW. Other residences include: 2016 AIR at Studio Current Seattle, WA, 2012 The Field NYC Artward Bound Resident at Earthdance in Plainsfield, MA, a The Field NYC 2011 Summer Dreaming Resident, a 2010 resident artist at Space Available in Seattle and a 2009 Flight Deck Resident at Open Flight Studio, Seattle. She is an award winning filmmaker with international screenings. She has had solo film exhibitions with The Director’s Lounge and Projektraum: LS43 in Berlin. Her short film ‘Your Chevrolet’ (2016) was awarded Second Prize and Cinema Prize in Choreographic Captures/Joint Adventures 2015, Munich (DE). She was a 2012 Artist Trust (Seattle) award winner, a 2011 Seattle Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture Individual Projects award winner and a 2008 and 2010 4Culture (Seattle) grantee. She has received additional support from Kodak and The Northwest Film Forum. She has a BFA in dance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. She is a Gyrotonic® Exercise trainer and a Pilates apprentice trainer. Massive Thank yous to Linda, Jeff, Performance Works Northwest, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation(Space Subsidy Grant) at PWNW and her Alembic 2020 cohorts, Juniana and Daniel for providing some container to shape the boundless weirdness of the Pandemic world that has welcomed Marissa to Portland.

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