Nov. 9-12 ║ When We

Rachael Dichter (SF) and Allie Hankins (PDX) embody tension, mischief and surreality in this collaborative dance performance.
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Sept. 29-30║Episode 3

PWNW presents a screening of jin camou & Julia Calabrese’s Episode III, with live original music by Mary Sutton. Following the screening there will be an accompanying dance, performed by camou and Linda Austin, as well as a short duo by Ayako Kataoka and Kathleen Hong.Read more


Our fall programing features a pair of body snatched aliens; a PWNW fundraiser/celebration; a duo embodying tension, mischief, and surreality; and an immersive group work within two seemingly opposed but equally real/fictional worlds.Read more

April 28 & 29 ✧ Appalachian Spring Break

SCOTTY HERON & BRENDAN CONNELLY play with the iconic, confused and clichéd relationship of choreographer and composer, glancing sideways at Martha Graham and Aaron Copland’s only collaboration and its sepia toned Americana. This “hilarious junkshop tribute to Martha Graham and Aaron Copeland…seems like mayhem, and then beauty asserts itself—classic and anarchic and enlivening at once, the perfect expression of vernal riot.”Read more

Feb. 26 & 27 || GHOSTS + Snake Talk || + workshops

A double bill of guest artists curated by Allie Hankins: GHOSTS by Asaf Aharonson & Ruairí Donovan (Berlin) and Snake Talk by Abby Crain, Maryanna Lachman and Mara Poliak (Oakland).

GHOSTS: “It’s about the bear.” “Which bear? The big bear? The star constellation? The homosexual archetype?” “No the bear that is waiting.”

Snake Talk: We ooze, leak, wander, tie ourselves in a knot, rip apart at the seams. We have forgotten the difference between kissing and eating.Read more