Pieces of Earth We Eat

Pieces of Earth We Eat is a short form audio-play and experimental opera written and directed by Lu Yim over the course of 2021-2022. It was recorded one performer at a time to create the illusion and possibility of chorality and togetherness. In its 12 minute run time, poetic narratives of care, where they entangle and complicate, create an erotics of healing, all against a backdrop of crisis.

Pieces of Earth We Eat is performed by Claire Barrera, Cristi Miles, Ezri Reyes, Maya Vivas, and Lu Yim. It is scored by Emir West and was recorded and produced by Mat Larimer. Cover Art by DB Amorin.

Pieces of Earth We Eat was funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council. Later this year it will be released as a video short, in collaboration with video artists Marit Liang and Cherrie Yu, with the support of the Headwaters Theater subsidized residency program.

This program is free or by donation $5-$15.
50% of funds collected go to a mutual aid project of Lu’s choice.

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