June 3 || Elsewhere/Otherwise || Kristen Yeung and Sadie Leigh

Saturday, June 3 @ 7pm
Performance Works NorthWest
4625 SE 67th Ave
Audiences must be masked.

About the work

Elsewhere/Otherwise is a dance theatre performance, featuring original choreography and sound co-created by Kristen Yeung and Sadie Leigh. This work is a vehicle and a vessel for processing the deeply personal and universally shared experience of moving from one place to another.

Kristen moved to Seattle in August 2020 from Baltimore, MD and Sadie arrived in Portland in June 2022 from Washington, DC. We both left behind our families, a beloved community of friends and artists, and the only homes we’d ever known. Our bittersweet relocations propelled us toward the challenge and excitement of newness, and toward romance and partnership with people who wanted to be out west. Though our stories are not identical, the overlap is potent.

There will be four performances of Elsewhere/Otherwise —for one night only in both our old homes and new—serving as a bridge connecting our east coast roots to our west coast bloom. Kirsten and Sadie invite viewers to join us, asking east coast audiences to see us off and west coast audiences to welcome us in.

Community has always been an essential part of our art-making. If you are excited and able to provide financial support, please visit our GoFundMe.

Photography by Allina Yang
IG: @allinadayswork_photo

About the artists

Sadie and Kristen

Kristen Yeung is a designer, dancer, and maker—of things like birthday cards, dances, ad campaigns, and fried rice. She received a BA Cum Laude in Studio Art & Graphic Design from the University of Maryland, and brings a designer’s eye and an artist’s spirit to her choreography. Her dances explore themes of identity, relationship, and the unexpected, often bringing in playful set design and props. She is a company member of Heart Stück Bernie (Washington, DC) and former company member of The Collective (Baltimore, MD). With collaborator Lynne Price, she received the 2017 Alumni Dance Commission for NextNOW Fest at UMD, and their work “If you’d rather leave” was selected for the 2017 Baltimore Dance Invitational.

Sadie Leigh values community, collaboration, and celebration. As a lifelong lover, performer, and maker of dance and music, she believes in the inherent spirituality of a dedicated artistic practice. She derives her work from source materials ranging from pedestrian gestures to disappointing text messages to fever dreams and happy accidents. Whether in a gallery, a brewery, a black box, the Kennedy Center, or your living room, she brings purposeful playfulness and compassionate curiosity into her artistic endeavors.

In 2022, Sadie relocated from Washington, DC to Portland, OR in the name of adventure and romance. Though far from her hometown, she remains connected to the arts community there as a company member with Heart Stück Bernie, one third of the performance collective Area Woman, a collaborator with Extreme Lengths Productions, and a long time company member with Pointless Theatre Company.

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