June 11 || Antero Alli || Sacred Rites Discussion and Book Signing

7pm, Sunday June 11th || free admission

In this rare public presentation, Antero will outline the principles and methods of a paratheatrical medium he has developed since 1977. Inspired by the Paratheatre of Jerzy Grotowski, Alli’s somatic work combines methods of physical theatre, dance, vocalization and standing Zazen to access vital currents in the Body towards their spontaneous expression in silent presence, symbolic gesture, embodied voice, ritual actions, and asocial interplay. He will read excerpts from his new book “Sacred Rites” — sharing his personal experiences doing this work in both non-performance and performative modalities. Brief Q&A to follow. Signed copies of Alli’s three Paratheatre Workbooks – “Towards an Archeology of the Soul” (2003), “State of Emergence” (2020) and “Sacred Rites” (2023) – will be available for purchase at the event ($20 each; cash or PayPal).

Antero’s paratheatrical work is well documented in three books since 2003, eleven video documents (1992-2023), and in 2008 academia by Nicoletta Isar, Professor at Copenhagen University. Between 1975 and 2018, Antero wrote and directed a series of experimental theatre productions, including five premiering in Portland at PerformanceWorks NW between 2016 and 2018. Since 1993, he has written and directed fifteen feature-length art films including “The Greater Circulation” (2005) a critically acclaimed cinematic treatment of poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s epic prose work, “Requiem for a Friend”, and “The Invisible Forest” (2008) inspired by the radical theatre of Antonin Artaud. Antero and Sylvi, his wife and artistic collaborator of thirty years, have been residents of Portland since 2015.

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