Dance/Play/Move is currently on hiatus.
Check back to see when/if we start it up again.

IMG_9628Dance/Play/Move is a creative movement dance experience facilitated by Jen Hackworth and/or Keyon Gaskin. Young people are invited to explore movement and their bodies in an expressive, playful, safe and cooperative manner. We will experiment with ways of moving in space, with each other and in connection with our anatomy—all while building strength, improving coordination, and learning cool dance moves! In an energetic and fun environment we focus on cultivating basic body awareness, dance training, and positive body image of self and others.

As a teacher, Jen Hackworth focuses her explorations on how to be more free, more in the moment, and more connected to our bodies and the ground. In class, we will move in and out and across the floor, we will jump, spin, and kick, and we will try on old and new moves. Recently, Jen has taught dance at Conduit, Studio 2, The Ivy School, Center for Movement Arts, Mercy Corps’ Artivism Camp, and the Generation IV summer intensive at Smith College in Northampton, MA.

keyon gaskin is a movement artist, teacher and performer based in Portland, OR. His unwavering interest in how we move through existence has lead him to pursue a myriad of teaching and performance opportunities internationally. Over the past 8 years he has worked with interntionally renowned choreographers and directors but finds encouraging young people to be more comfortable with moving their bodies to be some of his most fulfilling work.

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