Feb 23-25 ║Alembic Artists’ Showcase

After working in the PWNW studio for the past year, the 2017 Alembic Artist Residents are ready to share their work: “civilized” by Catherine Egan, “An Incidental Host/ the passenger may in fact be the pilot” by Suzanne Chi, and  “(p→p)” by GRINDGROUP.Read more


Feb. 7-21 || The Clark Doll || Syde-Ide Collaborations

Three black women find themselves confined to a space; the kind that doesn’t allow visitors. It isn’t the first time but hopefully, it will be the last. Natasha wants to escape for good; Judi wants to sleep; and Sophia just doesn’t want to end up left alone. Meanwhile, this trio of “sistas” will do what they can to survive their circumstances and each other. Read more

January 7 || Trance Music for Crows

A new ensemble piece in development by Arrington de Dionyso (Old Time Relijun, Malaikat dan Singa, This Saxophone Kills Fascists), featuring for this iteration Ben Bennett, a spellbinding percussionist on tour from Philadelphia, and interlocking stereophonic electric bass played by Patrick Semple and Kofi Asaase Adjepong. Jennifer Robin will give a reading before the music begins.Read more

Jan 19-Feb 2 || Real People, Not Actors

Think your job can’t be automated? The Shareholders disagree. Writer/performer/producer team Tobin Gollihar and Ian Sieren return to this year’s Fertile Ground Festival with Real People. Not Actors, a darkly comedic look at a near future where all our jobs have been automated, and all our government services have been contracted to the Corporations. Read more