a world, a world video trailer

(thanks to Seth Nehil for the trailer!)
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Performed for an intimate audience in an extravagantly immersive environment, “a world, a world” invites audiences into a hyperactive landscape saturated by shards of movement, image, and language, a tumult that stutters and sputters out, yielding to a more spacious, minimal, and meditative world. Read more


Dec. 13-17 || a world, a world

A hyperactive landscape saturated and contaminated by shards of movement, image, and language gives way to a more spacious and meditative world. For an intimate audience in an immersive environment, this is an in-progress version of a full-evening piece. Part 3 of Linda Austin’s “(Un)Made” triptych of works.Read more

Dec. 1-3 || Soror Mystica

PWNW PUBLIC ACCESS: A ritual-based intermedia theatre work produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX and directed by Antero Alli with musical direction by Sylvi Alli. Featuring poetic text (“The Walls Do Not Fall”) by Hilda Doolittle (aka H.D.)Read more