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/ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/
Linda Austin & Allie Hankins
April 8-10 & April 14-17, 2022
Performance Works NorthWest

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An image of a split screen with half of Linda’s face and arm on the left, and half of Allie’s face and arm on the right, the two halves creating a whole being. Linda wears white against a black background and holds a bell in her hand, Allie wears a dark shirt against a white background and holds a flower in her hand. Above them is the title of the show, /ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/


ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/
created and performed by Linda Austin & Allie Hankins
sound by Juniana Lanning
lighting by Jeff Forbes
scenic design/objects by Maggie Heath

ASL interpretation Saturday April 9: JmeJames Antonick
2nd weekend lighting and sound op: Kaitlyn Petriklivestream on April 14: Karl Lind (camera) and Richie Greene (computer)
song “Beautiful Cosmos” by Ivon Cutler

photo documentation by Chelsea Petrakis
video documentation by Kelly Rauer with Seth Nehil

A note from Linda & Allie—
We are so grateful for your presence her and filled with delight at finally performing the live version of /ə ˈsɪŋgəl pɪŋk klɑʊd/. After working on the piece off and on since 2018, our planned 2020 premierelike the projects of so many others was derailed by the pandemic. Yet we were thrilled by the response to the unanticipated creation of an online version which we live-streamed in March 2021. On the back of this program you can find a QR code for a link to that archived video. For those of you interested in what we were looking at and reading while making this piece, you will also find a short bibliography.

accessibility notice

During the performance, there will be brief sections of revolving lights that may feel bright to the eyes. There will also be a short moment of loud clattering sounds.

thank you

BIG THANKS to our volunteers! Also to Brian Jennings for loaning us an all-important dongle; the Spring Studio Series/Renée Archibald at Whitman College and New Dance Alliance/Performance Mix for the chance to perform in-progress excerpts in 2019: and the Regional Arts & Culture Council for the funding that resulted in the 2021 virtual adaptation of this project. And to all PWNW funders and donors, thank you for your enthusiasm and faith!

artist bios

Linda Austin often dreams she is in a spaceship, which she suspects is really PWNW in disguise, i.e. this very studio where she has been creating and performing work for more than two decade, ever since co-founding PWNW with Jeff Forbes. Linda has been making dance and performance for almost 40 years, in New York, Mexico, and, since 1999 in Portland. Awards include the 2107 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Merce Cunningham Award, the Regional Arts & Culture Council’s Artist Fellowship in Performing Arts, and two Oregon Arts Commission Fellowships. In addition to her varied duties keeping PWNW afloat, Linda is dancing in claire barrera’s upcoming Grammar of the Imagination and devoting herself to finishing her durational solo 3 mile of possible by spring equinox 2023. Other activities involve her very slowly attempting to learn Japanese, and playing the electric guitar again after a lapse of many years. Find out more at

Allie Hankins is a dancer, performer, and maker who recently performed in a dream wherein she announced “Today I am Truit” before jumping into a pool. The next day she learned that ‘truit’ is a word used by the lucid dreaming community to mean ‘trout’. In waking life, Allie is a resident artist and steward of FLOCK  Dance Center, a creative home to Portland’s experimental dance artists established in 2014 by Tahni Holt, and in 2013 she co-founded Physical Education, a critical and casual queer cooperative comprised of herself, keyon gaskin, Taka Yamamoto, and Lu Yim. Physical Education hosts open reading groups and lectures, curates performances, and teaches workshops nationally. Most recently she has performed and toured with Milka Djordjevich (LA), and Morgan Thorson (Minneapolis). When she’s not working on performances, she is doing step aerobics and learning American Sign Language. Her website is

Jeff Forbes is a Portland based lighting designer working primarily in theater and dance. He is a 10-time winner of the Willie and Drammy Awards for theater, and has designed for such companies as Artists Repertory Theatre, Portland Center Stage, Portland Actors Conservatory, and many others. His work in dance and performance has included frequent collaborations with choreographers and companies such as Linda Austin, Tahni Holt, Linda K. Johnson, Josie Moseley, Mary Oslund, Sally Silvers, Cydney Wilkes and NW Dance Project. Forbes has toured nationally and internationally with Imago, NW Dance Project, Deborah Hay, ate9 dANCE cOMPANY, and Antony and the Johnsons. Forbes is currently technical director for White Bird Dance and has worked as a technical director and/or lighting designer for PICA’s TBA Festival since its beginning in 2003. He is a co-founder, with Linda Austin, of Performance Works NorthWest, for which he also serves as technical director.

Juniana Lanning comes from a background of classical training and audio engineering.  Early in her studies, the discovery of musique concrete and neoclassical minimalism reformed her habits of listening- the purpose of music being not for pleasure or entertainment but for an altered sense of both the inner and outer human experiences. Her creative process turned into a search of the musical quality of everyday sounds and their relationships with each other and their environments.  She uses these to create listening experiences that allow the listener to explore and get lost in sound while still sensing the comfort of familiarity. Juniana thrives in collaborations with visual and performance artists, but also enjoys occasional live performance with Portland’s Extradition Series and Creative Music Guild.

Maggie Heath is a Portland based artist + theatrical designer who likes to describe their practice as “crudely built tender moments.” Their work has been presented in Portland, Minneapolis, and Seattle. Heath is an Associate Artist with Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble. 

JmeJames Antonick (They/She) is a dance artist and a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter. As a dancer and an interpreter JmeJames revels in the intersection of dance and ASL allowing these worlds to support each other. In interpreting, Jme brings thier dance knowledge, intuition, and artist mind to uplift the artists performing. Jme is dedicated to making the arts ASL accessible. She strives to uplift the Deaf community and her fellow artists.


If you are interested in some the artists whose work influenced this performance, please click here.

2021 livestreamed version

If you would like to view the archived video of our quite different version we made during pandemic isolation, please click here

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