3 miles of possible

a long-form dance performance wandering among the poetic and practical associations of “the possible” in a world of fluctuating personal, material, political and artistic contingencies.

Willamette Week review of the first mile by Suzette Smith.
Oregon Arts Watch review of the first mile by Amy Leona Havin

In a work measured by distance traveled, Linda Austin animates and wanders along a series of spatial paths envisioned as giant drawings, spells, and/or runes. These paths are threaded through with a variety of movement scores, choreographies, tasks, interactions with objects, guest artists, texts, songs, and sound compositions. Although much of the investigation is movement based, visual, sonic, textual and discursive interventions touch upon utopian longings, possible world theory, hope giving way to grief and back again, and the pleasures of getting lost.

4 spatial paths created from the words LOST POSSIBLE UTOPIAN TURNING

Austin presented the first mile of this work in her home studio in a series of 10 performances in October/November, 2021. Mile 2 was performed in October 2022. The finished work will measure 3 miles and last as long as it lasts, approximately 4-5 hours. The work in its entirety‚ i.e. all 3 miles, will be presented in September 2023, overlapping the fall equinox.