Spring/Summer 2019 Events


All events at PWNW unless otherwise specified
4625 SE 67th Ave. ║ Portland, OR 97206  map

ADVANCE TIX for PWNW-produced events HERE
The Starred Events ** are available for Arts for All tickets!

April 6 ║ GENDERBOMB ║ Star Queers

PWNW Public Access

Star Queers / Genderbomb
4/6 4pm, 8pm
Genderbomb’s trans rebellion through art continues with thrilling tales from our anarchist future!
FB event || Tickets HERE:

April 19 & 20 ║ and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own

Alembic Co-Production

Margaret McNeal and Stephanie Lavon Trotter use voice to compose within the multiplicity of textures and timbre, with and without electronics, to expel and transform stories, shared in sounds, song, and text.
Performances at 8pm
Advance tickets

April 26-27 + May 3-4 ║ Pathways║ Kelly Koltiska & Amelia Unsicker

PWNW Public Access

Kelly Koltiska and Amelia Unsicker are sharing an evening of choreography, which embraces the pathways and influences that we build throughout life. Dance Artists: Sissy Dawson, Kasy Martinez-Musgrave, Megan Memphis, Patsy Morris, Nicholas Petrich, Willow Swanson, Elizabeth Whelan.
Shows at 7:30pm.
More info HERE

May 16-18 ║ Sea Foam ║ Jana Zahler

PWNW Public Access

SEA FOAM is a collaboration between Jana Zahler (director and dancer), Ivy Ferrell (dancer), Anna Olmstead (dancer), Luke Matter (musician), and Charlie Stellar (dance film maker).
Advance tickets HERE
Show at 8pm

June 18, 21, 22 ║ Ordinary Devotions (reprise) ║ Linda Austin

Linda Austin Dance

Linda returns with her new solo Ordinary Devotions, an intimate drama of gesture and sensation that unfolds alongside an unorthodox use of everyday objects. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Advance Tickets HERE.

July 27 ║ Extradition 2019 Summer Concert

Alembic Co-Production

The Extradition Series 2019 Summer Concert presents five works exploring memory, transformation, and utterance, including a a recreation of a dance performed in 2005 by New York dancer and electronics player Brian Moran, utilizing Moran’s original accompanying audio track merged with new audio by PWNW’s Linda Austin. Other works by Eva-Maria Houben, Alvin Lucier, Lo Wie, and Angharad Davies feature Portland musicians Lee Elderton, Matt Hannafin, Branic Howard, Juniana Lanning, Caspar Sonnet, Stephanie Lavon Trotter & more!
Performance at 7:30 pm

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