Studio Membership

Develop a steady practice as a performer and/or choreographer! Commit to an ongoing studio rehearsal schedule as a PWNW Studio Member and get a hefty discount!

—>NOTE: this is available for daytime hours only and is for rehearsal only, not classes or workshops. See below for details. 

  • Sign a 4- to 12-month contract for a steady weekly schedule: same days and hours every week.
  • This is for daytimes only 8am to 6pm.
  • Pay the first of the month.
  • No cancellations or schedule changes. (“Subletting” OK on approval.)
  • Use it or lose it!
  • Payment schedule (see below) is based on each weekly session happening 4 times a month. Occasionally, if the calendar works out for you, you’ll get a free 5th day!


OKAY! You are interested. What next?

  • FIRST, check availability at — or subscribe to the studio calendar with this URL: webcal://
  • THEN email us at Be as specific as possible with your request, including how many months, and what schedule you would like.  
    • NOTE: If there are a couple of conflicts with the regular schedule you want, you can still sign up….your monthly fee will be pro-rated and adjusted so you won’t be paying for the times already booked by someone else.
  • If you are already a “trusted user” you can book your time directly at


1 hour a week = $32/month
2 hours a week = $60/month
3 hours a week = $85/month
4 hours a week = $96/month
5 hours a week = $110/month
6 hours a week = $120/month

*For half hours, the price will be 1/2 way between the two stated prices. For example 2.5 hours a week would be $67.50/month

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