Alembic #7: Other Wise

Performance Works NW presents
Alembic #7: Other Wise

Feb. 12-13 at 8pm
Feb. 14 at 4pm
$10-$15 sliding scale
503-777-1907 to reserve
or buy online through HulaHub

4625 SE 67th Ave. @ Foster Rd.

Other Wise is a collaborative movement inquiry into how we use secondary perceptive mechanisms as a primary way of knowing. Jen Warnock and crew explore the curiosities of intuition, the plasticity of perception, and the potentiality of minor brain malfactions.

Curated by Lily Gael
Created and presented by Jen Warnock, Adela Basayne, Wendy Tucker and Chelsea Bennett.

ALEMBIC is an ongoing series of performative events at Performance Works North West curated by guest artists from the worlds of dance, theater, visual and media arts.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition/Oregon Cultural Trust.

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More important than being ready is being ready to improvise. Be present. Be honest. Be kind with others and with yourself, right? Take a pause if you need to. Breathe deeply. Allow a stumble to transmute into an unexpected course of action. Follow that impetus. Take up some room. I like to go towards the joy any chance I get: I enjoy my belly most when it’s laughing.
~ Jen Warnock

As a visual artist and movement artist, I believe that through creatively expressing one’s unique perception of experience, the ‘language’ of the individual conveys and invites a multi-modal process of communication with others. In this way, the creative medium employed attracts the respective lens of perception belonging to others, stimulating the particular portal of reception for that medium to open and offer passage to that place where communication progresses with deeper more holistic levels of engagement. This is where I choose to live.
~ Wendy Tucker Garrean

There are times in a dance where there is only skin and bones, just blood and muscle, just a body pumping, feeling what it feels. This body has an ancient tail so long it goes back to the beginning or back to the center. Why doubt? This forearm, the perfect length. Breath, the perfect time keeper. Mostly these days I move and remember this: my feet know where to go.
~ Chelsea Bennett

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