DINNER #2 Linda Austin & Kristan Kennedy: March 20

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Hi, all,

I just wanted to remind you that Dinner #2 in Tahni Holt and my Dinner Series Fundraiser is just around the corner—MARCH 20TH @ 7pm. It’s a special one for me because I am one of the featured artists and have the amazing opportunity to conduct a mutual interview with the much-admired Kristan Kennedy, with input from the guests!

Our first dinner was a great success on all levels and I’m sure the next one will be, too.The conversation was enriching (learned many a new thing about both Angelle and Angela), the food and wine was amazingly good—if I do say so myself—and the guests were enthralled and engaged (just ask them).

For the second dinner we have quite a meal planned (appetizers + salads + soups + wine + dessert + coffee). The meal is vegetarian.

There are still seats available. Please give yourself a treat and help myself and Tahni Holt realized our dream projects by having a delicious dinner and great conversation.

To make reservations please email Tahni at HELLO@TAHNIHOLT.COM.
Let her/us know of any dietary restrictions.

All dinners start at 7pm and are at undisclosed locations (Portland bound).
Location disclosed upon making your reservation.
Seating is limited to 20 people so please make your reservations now.

Linda & Tahni hope to see you there.

THE DINNER SERIES: Each dinner features two Portland performers, artists or writers in discussion with each other and the dinner guests. There will be one dinner each month. We do this for our love for communal eating, a desire for more discourse that touches upon performance as an art among other arts, and a curiosity about other people’s processes: what & how & why they make what they make and do what they do. Please help us realize our 2010 performance projects, Tahni’s CULTURE MACHINE and Linda’s PAIRED SPECTACULAR.

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