TBA:10! Linda Austin in Ten Tiny Dances

Our favorite (most exhilarating! exhausting!) time of year is at hand!

PICA’s TBA Festival, running Sept. 9-19, offers many fantastic dance-related programs—and PICA has offered our subscribers discounts to two dance events of great interest to our audiences–Noelle Stiles/Delaney Kelly and John Jasperse.  See details below for these as well as a few other dance picks—visit the TBA website for full info.

Linda Austin is part of Mike Barber’s Ten Tiny Dances, Saturday Sept. 11, 10:30p at THE WORKS. Other performers include Anne Furfey, Tahni Holt, Cydney Wilkes + Mike Barber, Katherine Longstreth & Mike Daisey!

Portland choreographer Noelle Stiles collaborates with visual artist Danielle Kelly on an installation + performance called Blanket, Sept. 11-19. For discounted tix at the PICA member price of $10, purchase online using the code picapwnw.

Emily Johnson/Catalyst will be rehearsing The Thank-you Bar here at PWNW prior to its opening, which—along with its themes of displacement, longing, language and history realized as dance, storytelling and music—makes this piece all the more tantalizing. Emily and her collaborators will be doing three shows a day Sept. 16-19.

We had a sneak preview last week of the piece our great friends Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner will perform at THE WORKS on Tues. Sept. 14 at 10:30p. Don’t miss She is Ourselves! Woolly is looking for volunteer movement choir members to join in! Contact Rikki Rothenberg.

John Jasperse is a friend from my NYC days whose dances I have followed from the very beginning. I am much looking forward to Truth, Revised Histories, Wishful Thinking and Flat Out Lies, performed Sept 16-18. For discounted tix at the PICA member price of $20, purchase online using the code picapwnw.

And don’t miss  The Wooster Group
Dayna Hanson

Jerome Bel
Maria Hassabi
Charles Atlas/Merce Cunningham film

and much much more!

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