Oneness: Making It With Love by MGM Grand

Last show of the MGM Grand 2010 summer tour!

Oneness: Making It With Love
Biba Bell+ Jmy Leary

Sunday, September 26 2010  @7pm

Performance Works NorthWest
4625 SE 67th Ave
Portland OR 97206

w/ short new work Combo #2
by Linda Austin

with Jin Camou & Esther LaPointe

$5 – $15 suggested donation

Dwelling quietly in dino-Land

Not permanently bonded
Once I step off

It’s very American
Narrated by the head,

the face
Up and down on the toes

In modesty with morals

MGM Grand makes highly structured dances that are immediately specific to the space they are in, informed by the floor, the walls, the smells, the trees, the air, the audience, the neighborhood, the people, the history. We have toured throughout the US dancing anywhere, anytime. Currently, we are working on a new dance, Oneness: Making It With Love, for our 2010 tour to theaters, homes, galleries and music venues. MGM Grand works: Easy Royce (2009), Royce (2009) dajointe (2009), TONIGHT (2008), New Gree (2007), THIS DANCE IS CALLED GREE. IT IS FROM BEDSTUY. (2006), Maynard (2005, 2004).

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